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Scotland, England, and the Reformation 1534-61$

Clare Kellar

Print publication date: 2003

Print ISBN-13: 9780199266708

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: January 2010

DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199266708.001.0001

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(p.229) Bibliography

(p.229) Bibliography

Scotland, England, and the Reformation 1534-61
Oxford University Press

Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland

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    Notebook of John Johnston (?1570–1612), prof. of theology at St Andrews

  • Advocates MS 29. 2. 1–5

    Balcarres Papers: state papers and correspondence from the administration of Mary of Lorraine

  • Advocates MS 33. 1. 1

    Denmilne Papers: state papers of the reigns of James VI and Charles I, collected by Sir James Balfour of Denmilne

Edinburgh, Scottish Record Office

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    Warrender Papers: miscellaneous papers relating to Scottish history, mainly 1542–1625

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  • SP 2/1–4

    Correspondence of Mary of Lorraine, 1543–1588

Edinburgh, University Library

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London, British Library

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    Larger MS of David Calderwood’s History of the Church of Scotland 1514–1586, 3 vols.

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    Official correspondence and state papers relating to transactions between England and Scotland during the latter part of the reign of Henry VIII, 1532–45

  • (p.230)
  • Additional 33 531

    Scottish state papers and correspondence, 1449–1594

  • Cotton Caligula Bi-Bx

    Transactions between England and Scotland, 1509–70

  • Cotton Cleopatra Eiv-Evi

    Papers and letters from the reign of Henry VIII, relating to the dissolution of the monasteries, the power of the king in ecclesiastical councils, and other matters concerning the reformation of the church

  • Cotton Galba Bx

    Transactions between England and the Low Countries, 1531–47

  • Cotton Titus Bi

    State papers and letters, 1485–1547

  • Cotton Vespasian Cxiii

    Transactions between England and Spain, 1559–1625

  • Cotton Vitellius Bxxi

    Transactions between England and Germany, 1526–47

  • Cotton Vitellius Bxiv

    Transactions between England and Rome, 1527–39

  • Harleian 289

    A collection of papers, mostly sixteenth century, relating to the affairs of Scotland, or to transactions between England and Scotland

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    Papers received by Thomas Cromwell from Sir William Eure, Captain of Berwick

  • Royal 18A xxxviii

    Address to Henry VIII by John Elder

London, Public Record Office

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    Inventories, surrenders, valuations, and correspondence (of Thomas Cromwell) concerning friaries

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    State papers of the reign of Henry VIII, general series, 1533–47

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    State papers, Domestic, addenda 1547–51

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    State papers, Scotland, Edward VI

  • SP 51

    State papers, Scotland, Mary

  • SP 52/1–6

    State papers, Scotland, Elizabeth I (1558–61)

Oxford, Bodleian Library

  • Tanner MS 50: 10

    Collection of letters and papers 1559–69: short and summary notes of some sermons preached at Paul’s Cross, 1565–6

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Place of publication is London unless otherwise stated.

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