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Food Price Policy in an Era of Market InstabilityA Political Economy Analysis$

Per Pinstrup-Andersen

Print publication date: 2014

Print ISBN-13: 9780198718574

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: January 2015

DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198718574.001.0001

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(p.xxiii) List of Abbreviations

(p.xxiii) List of Abbreviations

Food Price Policy in an Era of Market Instability
Oxford University Press

  • ADB

    Asian Development Bank

  • ADF

    Augmented Dickey-Fuller unit root test


    Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation

  • AFAN

    All Farmers Association of Nigeria

  • AFC

    Agricultural Finance Corporation

  • AfDB

    African Development Bank

  • AFF

    agriculture, forestry, and fishery

  • AGRA

    Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa


    Agriculture Competences

  • AL

    Awami League

  • AMIS

    Agricultural Market Information System

  • AMR

    Assistance au Monde Rural

  • ANC

    African National Congress

  • APRU

    Agricultural Policy Research Unit


    Association of Senegalese Consumers

  • ATM

    automated teller machines

  • BB

    Bangladesh Bank

  • BDR

    Bangladesh Rifles

  • BIDS

    Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies


    Banco Nacional do Desenvolvimento


    Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa

  • bu



    Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme

  • CAB

    Consumers’ Association of Bangladesh

  • CACP

    Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices

  • CAMA

    Consumers Association of Malawi

  • CET

    Common External Tariff

  • CFA

    Communauté Financière Africaine

  • (p.xxiv) CIEM

    Central Institute for Economic Management

  • CIF

    cost, insurance, and freight

  • CII

    Confederation of Indian Industry

  • CNCR

    National Council of Rural Consultation and Cooperation

  • CNES

    National Confederation of Senegalese Employers


    China National Cereals, Oil and Foodstuffs Import and Export Corporation


    Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN)


    Confederation of South African Trade Unions

  • CPC

    Communist Party of China

  • CPD

    Centre for Policy Dialogue

  • CPI

    consumer price index

  • CPU

    Central Planning Unit

  • CPV

    Communist Party of Vietnam

  • CRR

    cash reserve requirement

  • CSA

    Central Statistical Agency

  • CSO

    Central Statistical Office

  • CSC

    Centre for Social Concern

  • CSI

    Center for Social Innovation

  • CSOs

    civil society organizations

  • DFID

    Department for International Development (UK)

  • DO

    demand order

  • ECM

    error correction model

  • ECX

    Ethiopian Commodity Exchange

  • EDRI

    Ethiopian Development Research Institute

  • EEA

    Ethiopian Economic Association

  • EGTE

    Ethiopian Grain Trade Enterprise

  • EP

    European Parliament

  • EPA

    Environmental Protection Agency


    Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front

  • ESA

    Eastern and Southern Africa

  • ESF

    exogenous shocks facility

  • EU

    European Union

  • FAO

    Food and Agriculture Organization


    Food and Agriculture Organization Statistics Division


    Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry

  • (p.xxv) FCI

    Food Corporation of India

  • FDI

    foreign direct investment

  • FEC

    Federal Executive Council

  • FEWS

    NET Famine Early Warning Systems Network


    Federação da Indústria do Rio de Janeiro

  • FISP

    Farm Input Subsidy Programme


    Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development


    Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources

  • FOB

    freight on board

  • FPMC

    Food Pricing Monitoring Committee

  • FRA

    Food Reserve Agency

  • FSTG

    Food Security Thematic Group

  • FUM

    Farmers Union of Malawi

  • FY

    fiscal year

  • G8

    Group of 8

  • G20

    Group of 20

  • GASC

    General Agency for the Supply of Commodities

  • GATT

    General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

  • GDP

    gross domestic product


    Global Information and Early Warning System

  • GMP

    guaranteed minimum price


    Grand Agricultural Offensive for Food and Abundance

  • GOE

    government of Egypt

  • GTAM

    Grain Traders Association of Malawi

  • GTAZ

    Grain Traders Association of Zambia


    Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute

  • ICM

    Institute of Cereals of Mozambique

  • IDSC

    Information and Decision Support Centre

  • IFAD

    International Fund for Agricultural Development


    International Food Policy Research Institute

  • IFSS

    integrated food security strategy

  • IMF

    International Monetary Fund

  • INR

    Indian rupees


    Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development

  • JCTR

    Jesuits Centre for Theological Reflection


    Kenya Integrated Household Budget Survey

  • (p.xxvi) KIPPRA

    Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis

  • KKV

    Kazi Kwa Vijana (cash-for-work programme)

  • KNBS

    Kenya National Bureau of Statistics

  • KRDS

    Kenya Rural Development Strategy

  • KTDA

    Kenya Tea Development Authority

  • LAB

    Land Agricultural Bank

  • L/C

    letter of credit

  • LG-FE

    Leading Group—Finance and Economy

  • LG-RW

    Leading Group—Rural Works


    Agricultural, Forestry, and Livestock Act

  • LOP

    law of one price

  • MAL

    Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

  • MARD

    Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

  • MAZ

    Millers Association of Zambia

  • MCCI

    Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • MCP

    Malawi Congress Party

  • MDGs

    Millenium Development Goals


    Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee scheme

  • MiFID

    Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

  • MMD

    Movement for Multi-party Democracy

  • MoA

    Ministry of Agriculture

  • MoAFS

    Ministry of Agricultural and Food Security

  • MoC

    Ministry of Commerce

  • MoFDM

    Ministry of Food and Disaster Management

  • MoFED

    Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

  • MoFNP

    Ministry of Finance and National Planning

  • MOIT

    Ministry of Industry and Trade

  • MOST

    Ministry of Science and Technology

  • MOU

    memorandum of understanding

  • MPS

    Monetary Policy Statement

  • MSPs

    minimum support prices

  • MT

    metric tonne

  • MTBE

    methyl tertiary-butyl ether

  • NA

    National Assembly


    National Accelerated Agricultural Input Access Programme

  • NADP

    National Agricultural Development Programme

  • (p.xxvii) NAMBOARD

    National Agricultural Marketing Board

  • NAMC

    National Agricultural Marketing Council


    National Association of Smallholder Farmers of Malawi

  • NBE

    National Bank of Ethiopia

  • NBER

    National Bureau of Economic Research

  • NBR

    National Board of Revenue

  • NCAP

    National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research

  • NCPB

    National Cereals Produce Board

  • NDP

    National Democratic Party

  • NDRC

    National Development and Reform Commission

  • NEC

    National Economic Council


    National Food Crisis Response Programme

  • NFRA

    National Food Reserve Agency

  • NFSA

    National Food Security Act

  • NFSM

    National Food Security Mission

  • NGO

    non-governmental organization

  • NIB

    National Irrigation Board


    Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research

  • NPC

    National People’s Congress

  • NRA

    nominal rates of assistance

  • NSPS

    National Social Protection Strategy

  • ODI

    Overseas Development Institute

  • OECD

    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

  • OMS

    open market sale

  • OPC

    Office of the President and Cabinet

  • OTS

    one-time settlement scheme

  • PAPA

    Plan for Action for Food Production

  • PASA

    Structural Adjustment Programme for the Agricultural Sector


    Principal Bank for Development of Agricultural Credit

  • PDS

    Parti Démocratique Sénégalais

  • PMC

    Price Monitoring Cell

  • PPP

    purchasing power parity

  • PRSP

    Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers

  • PS

    Parti Socialist du Sénégal

  • PSE

    Producer Support Estimate

  • PSNP

    Productive Safety Net Programme

  • (p.xxviii) R&D

    research and development

  • RDP

    Reconstruction and Development Programme

  • REVA

    Return to Agriculture programme

  • RFS

    Renewable Fuel Standard


    Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria

  • RKVY

    Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana

  • SACP

    South African Communist Party

  • SADC

    Southern African Development Community


    South African Futures Exchange

  • SAPs

    structural adjustment programmes

  • SFP

    single farm payment

  • SGA

    State Grain Administration

  • SGR

    Strategic Grain Reserves

  • SOE

    state-owned enterprise


    Union of Professionals of Industries and Mines

  • SRA

    Strategy for Revitalization of Agriculture

  • SSA

    sub-Saharan Africa


    SA Statistics South Africa

  • TCB

    Trading Corporation of Bangladesh


    Trade Analysis and Information System


    West African Economic and Monetary Union


    National Union of Traders and Industrialists of Senegal


    United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

  • UNDP

    United Nations Development Programme


    United Nations Population Fund


    United Nations University—World Institute for Development Economics Research

  • URAA

    Uraguay Round Agreement on Agriculture


    United States Agency for International Development

  • USDA

    United States Department of Agriculture

  • VAT

    value added tax

  • VFA

    Vietnam Food Association

  • WFP

    World Food Programme

  • WITS

    World Integrated Trade Solution

  • WTO

    World Trade Organisation

  • ZACA

    Zambia Consumer Association

  • ZNFU

    Zambia National Farmers Union