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Awards and Reviews

Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) contains quality content you can trust, with a wealth of prize-winning authors and titles, including books, chapters, and articles from the following Nobel Prize winning authors:

  • Joachim Frank joint winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2017)
  • Oliver Hart joint winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (2016)
  • Bengt Holmström joint winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (2016)
  • Angus Deaton – winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (2015)
  • Hiroshi Amano – joint winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics (2014)
  • John O'Keefe  joint winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2014)
  • Robert Shiller – winner of Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (2013)
  • Serge Haroche – winner of Nobel Prize in Physics (2013)
  • Alvin E. Roth  joint winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics (2012)
  • Thomas J. Sargent  joint winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics (2011)
  • Peter A. Diamond  joint winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics (2010)
  • Anthony J. Leggett – winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics (2003)
  • Peter Mansfield – winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2003)
  • Clive W. J. Granger – winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (2003)
  • Joseph E. Stiglitz – winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (2001)
  • Amartya Sen – winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (1998)

                    The Hippocampus Book      Exploring the Quantum: Atoms, Cavities, and Photons      The Quality of Life      Quantum Liquids

Recent prize-winners

Here's a selection of some of the recent prize-winning titles that are available in OSO

            Dangerous Diplomacy      Equal Opportunity Peacekeeping      The Fear of Invasion      The Globalization of International Society      Pietro Bembo on Etna

  • Gareth D. Williams, Pietro Bembo on Etna - winner of the Lionel Trilling Book Award, Columbia College Academic Awards Committee
  • Tim Dunne and Christian Reus-Smit, The Globalization of International Society - winner of the ISA Theory Section Best Edited Book Award, 2018
  • Herman T. Salton, Dangerous Diplomacy - winner of the ISA Chadwick Alger Prize, 2018
  • David G. Morgan-Owen, The Fear of Invasion - winner of the 2017 Templer Medal Best First Book Prize, awarded by The Society for Army Historical Research
  • Sabrina Karim and Kyle Beardsley, Equal Opportunity Peacekeeping - winner of the 2017 Conflict Research Society Book of the Year Prize
  • Jakub S. Beneš, Workers and Nationalism - winner of the 2016 George Blazyca Prize, awarded by the British Association for Slavonic & East European Studies, and winner of the 2017 Barbara Jelavich Book Prize, awarded by the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies

In the media

“The Bottom Line: For ease of use, user-friendly design, and quality texts, Oxford Scholarship Online is among the best I have ever used. Academic libraries should think seriously about acquiring it. Highly recommended.”
 - Ed Tallent, Library Journal

Oxford Scholarship Online is a superior e-book implementation. It joins the ranks of other suc-cessful Oxford products, such as OED Online, the ANB Online, and Oxford Reference Online. Highly recommended for academic and larger public libraries.”
 - Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin

“A great resource for academics and information professionals... an easily-manageable way for librarians to give their users access to a growing OUP list. Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) is an archive of the four key areas of philosophy, political science, religion, and economics and finance books. Aimed at researchers and academics globally, OSO features the full texts of...academic books published by the OUP...this is a well-designed, powerful interface for OUP’s printed scholarship. Librarians will find it an excellent alternative for managing... essential texts in these major disciplines.”
- Information World Review

From the library community

"Oxford Scholarship Online presents impeccably good content in one of the best platforms for e-books I have come across [...] The ability to add portions of the catalog as funds are available and to expand to additional university presses makes a strong case for OSO and UPSO to be the go-to platform for scholarly monographs on music. Oxford Scholarship Online is well worth a look for academic libraries with music collections."
- Stephen Henry, University of Maryland, March 2018 edition of Notes, the Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association

"Libraries should subscribe to [Oxford Medicine Online and Oxford Scholarship Online] if they have an interest in Oxford University Press books, which most health sciences libraries do. They are both well designed and stable ebook platforms that work easily within library systems, making them preferable to any aggregator platform." Read the full review >
- Collections Development Librarian, Health Sciences Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Oxford Scholarship Online is easy and intuitive to use ... it relieves pressure on the most sought-after titles and complements ebook collections already in heavy use”. 
 - Head of Electronic Services and Systems, Cambridge University Library

“...easy to navigate and search...the selection of titles enables a large range of topical material to be available on demand to multiple readers and considerably enhances our collection”.
 - Academic Liaison Librarian (Law), University of Kent

“The Holy Grail of online resources.”
 - Information Services Manager, London School of Economics and Political Science

From our authors

“The great advantage of publishing with Oxford Scholarship Online is the power to reach and interact with this wide audience. We will always need printed books but OSO gives concepts and ideas a ticket to travel far and fast. When we think about the interface of academic thought with political questions, the strength of OSO is that authors can be heard across borders at the click of a button. The platform provides a way for people inside and outside academia to get up close not only with issues that are crucial to twenty-first century life but with the scholarship which interprets the issues.”
- Joshua Hordern, Oxford Scholarship Online author and University Lecturer in Christian Ethics, Oxford University