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Becoming better strategic thinkers

October 7, 2016

An excerpt from an OUPblog article published on 6th October 2016, written by Arnaud Chevallier, author of Strategic Thinking in Complex Problem Solving.

Strategic Thinking in Complex Problem Solving

'A manager at a hotel receives an alarming number of complaints from her guests that they have to wait too long for elevators. So she requests quotes for installing an additional elevator. Turned down by the price tag of that solution, the manager seeks an alternative and decides to give her guests something to do while they wait for the elevator, by installing mirrors or televisions or providing magazines. The price tag of that solution is a lot lower and, upon implementing it, the complaints stop.

So what? Well, sometimes, the obvious solution to a problem isn’t the best, and there is value in searching for alternatives. Also, this search for alternatives might require us to think outside of our disciplines: slow elevators can be fixed with an engineering solution. It can also be fixed with behavioral solution.'


Discover more: Read the rest of the article on the OUPblog, or read the first chapter now, available for a limited time.

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