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Male Witches

Male Witches

(p.331) 11 Male Witches
The Witches of Lorraine
Robin Briggs (Contributor Webpage)
Oxford University Press

This chapter discusses cases involving male witches in the duchy of Lorraine. Statistical breakdown shows that approximately 28% of the samples were males, who did not fare any better before the courts than the women did. It is shown that male witches were involved in rather more exceptional cases than the female ones. Nevertheless, many of them came from the same category of the dependent peasantry as the great majority of female witches, while a high proportion belonged to families with existing reputations for witchcraft. The most obvious and predictable difference from female suspects where accusations were concerned was the rarity of charges about the misfortunes of babies and small children, although this was not in total absence and the problems of the latter were occasionally blamed on men.

Keywords:   witch trials, witchcraft, male witches, Lorraine, female witches

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