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Revisiting Visibility

Revisiting Visibility

(p.187) 7 Revisiting Visibility
Below the Radar
Alison L. Gash
Oxford University Press

This final chapter takes a second look at the use of low-visibility advocacy, offering some additional examples of under-the-radar reform to supplement those within the body of the manuscript. Where the scholarship on the low-visibility state tends to focus on subterranean politics that benefit the haves, the cases studies explored in this manuscript highlight the use of low-visibility efforts in service of disenfranchised and unpopular minority groups. The chapter offers some final speculations about the role of low-visibility advocacy. For one, although the book sets up a comparison between high-visibility and low-visibility advocacy within two civil rights struggles, this chapter argues that, in fact, the two advocacy approaches often work in tandem. Second, there are numerous drawbacks to low-visibility advocacy that should be considered. Finally, this chapter offers some suggestions about the conditions under which low-visibility strategies are used and invites further avenues of research.

Keywords:   civil rights, welfare, Obama, visibility, family, subterranean, housing, marriage

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