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The Silent Struggle for Same-Sex Parental Rights

The Silent Struggle for Same-Sex Parental Rights

(p.89) 4 The Silent Struggle for Same-Sex Parental Rights
Below the Radar
Alison L. Gash
Oxford University Press

In sharp contrast to the fight for same-sex marriage, same-sex parenting litigation occurred with very little discussion by pundits or opponents. Beginning in the mid-1980s and continuing today, advocates working on behalf of lesbian and gay parents have successfully convinced courts in more than half the states to grant same-sex partners co-parenting status or to provide the non-biological parent in an estranged lesbian or gay couple equal parenting privileges. This chapter offers a summary of the legislative and judicial efforts pursued on behalf of gay and lesbian parents and their children, and the response from those who oppose lesbian or gay-headed households. The chapter provides further analysis of media coverage and public opinion and offers insights from advocates and opponents about the nature and implications of low-visibility same-sex parenting advocacy.

Keywords:   same-sex parenting, same-sex adoption, second-parent adoption, family court, advocate, children’s rights

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