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E. Douglas Bomberger

Print publication date: 2013

Print ISBN-13: 9780199899296

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: May 2015

DOI: 10.1093/acprof:osobl/9780199899296.001.0001

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(p.293) Appendix A Calendar

(p.293) Appendix A Calendar

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Contemporary Musicians/ Events


Edward Alexander McDowell born, 18 December, at New York, son of Thomas Fair McDowell, milk dealer, and Fanny (née Knapp).

Balakirev, age 22; Berlioz (57); Bizet (22); Borodin (27); Brahms (27); Bristow (34); von Bülow (30); Carreño (6); Chadwick (6); Dvorˇák (19); Elgar (3); Fauré (15); Foote (7); Stephen Foster (34); Franck (38); Gottschalk (31); Gounod (42); Grieg (17); Victor Herbert (1); Liszt (49); Mahler born, 7 July; William Mason (31); Massenet (18); Mussorgsky (21); Paderewski born, 6/18 Nov.; Paine (21); Puccini (1); Raff (38); Rimsky-Korsakov (16); George F. Root (40); Anton Rubinstein (31); Nikolay Rubinstein (25); Saint-Saëns (25); Clara Schumann (41); Sousa (6); Sullivan (18); Tchaikovsky (20); Verdi (47); Wagner (47); Ambroise Thomas (49); Wolf born, 13 Mar..



Charles Martin Loeffler born, 30 Jan.; US Civil War begins with attack on Fort Sumter, 12 Apr.



Delius born, 29 Jan.; Walter Damrosch born, 30 Jan.; Michael (“Chichi”) Castellanos born, 11 July; Debussy born, 22 Aug.



Horatio Parker born, 15 Sept.



Stephen Foster (37) dies, 13 Jan; Eugen d’Albert born, 10 Apr.; Richard Strauss born, 11 June.



Civil War ends with surrender at Appomattox Court House, 9 Apr.; Sibelius born, 8 Dec.



The McDowell family obtained a piano by this date in defiance of the Quaker Discipline.

Busoni born, 1 Apr.; Satie born, 17 May.



Amy Cheney [later Beach] born, 5 Sept.



Heated debate in the Society of Friends over whether to allow music in members’ homes.

Rossini (76) dies, 13 Nov.; Brahms Deutsches Requiem; Grieg Concerto in A minor, op. 16; Raff Symphony No. 3, op. 153, “Im Walde.”



Berlioz (65) dies, 8 Mar.; National Peace Jubilee in Boston, June; Gottschalk (40) dies, 18 Dec.



Eddie transfers from public school to the Charlier Institute.

Franco-Prussian War, 19 July 1870–10 May 1871.



Leopold Damrosch arrives in New York, 5 Apr.; Auber (89) dies, 12 May; Tausig (29) dies, 17 July; Great Chicago Fire, 8–11 Oct.; first perf. of Verdi Aïda, 24 Dec. Boston Apollo Club founded.



Arthur Farwell born, 23 Apr.; World’s Peace Jubilee in Boston, June; Lowell Mason (80) dies, 11 Aug.; Alexander Zemlinsky born, 4 Oct.; Vaughan Williams born, 12 Oct.; Anton Rubinstein tours the United States.



Fanny and Eddie tour Europe, June–August.

Six-year depression begins in United States. Sergei Rachmaninov born, 1 Apr.; first perf. of Paine, St. Peter, 3 June; Holst born, 27 Sept.; Oscar Sonneck born, 6 Oct.; first concert of Oratorio Society of New York, 3 Dec.



Plays Beethoven “Moonlight” Sonata, op. 27, no. 2, in recital, 7 Mar.

Schoenberg born, 13 Sept.; Ives born, 20 Oct. Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition; Saint-Saëns, Danse macabre, op. 40; Smetana, The Moldau; Wagner, Götterdämmerung.



Withdraws from Charlier Institute; plays Mendelssohn G-minor Concerto and Grand duet for two pianos “sur Puritani” with Chichi Castellanos in recital, 17 Apr.; Castellanos moves to Paris and enrolls in the Conservatoire.

First perf. of Bizet Carmen, 3 Mar.; Ravel born, 7 Mar.; Bizet (37) dies, 3 June; von Bülow tours the United States.



In April, Eddie and his mother travel to Paris, where he begins private piano lessons with Marmontel.

First public telephone message by Alexander Graham Bell, 10 Mar.; Ruggles born, 11 Mar.; Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, 10 May–10 Nov. First perf. of Paine Symphony No. 1, 26 Jan.; first perf. of Wagner complete Ring Cycle, Bayreuth, 13–17 Aug.; first perf. of Brahms Symphony No. 1, op. 68, 4 Nov.; MTNA founded, 26 Dec.



On 31 Oct., Eddie gains admission to the Conservatoire by audition.

Dohnányi born, 27 July; first perf. of Saint-Saëns Samson et Dalila at Weimar, 2 Dec.; patent application for phonograph by Thomas Edison, 24 Dec.



Competes unsuccessfully in the concours, after which he withdraws in solidarity with his friend Chichi.

First perf. of Gilbert & Sullivan H. M. S. Pinafore, 25 May; First perf. of Chadwick String Quartet No. 1 in Leipzig, 29 May; Hoch Conservatory opens in Frankfurt, October.



Settles in Wiesbaden in January after a month in Stuttgart. Studies privately with Louis Ehlert, then relocates to Frankfurt to enroll in the Hoch Conservatory in May; plays in a conservatory concert on 9 June with Liszt in attendance.

First perf. of Brahms Violin Concerto, 1 Jan.; first perf. of Chadwick String Quartet No. 2 in Leipzig, 29 May; first perf. of Chadwick Rip Van Winkle in Leipzig, 20 June; first public demonstration of incandescent lighting by Thomas Edison, Dec.; first perf. of Gilbert & Sullivan Pirates of Penzance, New York, 31 Dec. Einstein born, 14 Mar.; John Ireland born, 13 Aug.



Debuts with the Wiesbaden Curhaus orchestra, 23 Jan.; plays for Liszt in a conservatory concert on 24 May; completes his studies in July; Heymann resigns from Hoch Conservatory in Sept., but MacDowell is rejected as his successor; accepts Marian Griswold Nevins as a piano student in October.

Chadwick returns to United States. First perf. of Paine Symphony No. 2, 10 Mar. to wild enthusiasm in Boston; Offenbach (61) dies, 4 Oct.



Appointed instructor of piano at Darmstadt Conservatory in Mar.; plays Reinecke concerto with Darmstadt orchestra 14 Mar.; plays Beethoven Concerto No. 5 in Frankfurt, 7 Nov.

Nikolay Rubinstein (45) dies, 11/23 Mar.; Bartok born, 25 Mar.; Mussorgsky (42) dies, 16/28 Mar.; President James A. Garfield assassinated, 2 July; Boston Symphony Orchestra founded by Henry Lee Higginson.



Resigns Darmstadt position in March; composes First Concerto, op. 15, Mar.–May; travels to Weimar to play for Liszt, 18 June; performs Erste moderne Suite, op. 10 at the Allgemeiner deutscher Musikverein in Zürich, 11 July; first and second Modern Suites, opp. 10 and 14, published by Breitkopf & Härtel.

First perf. of Chadwick Symphony No. 1, 23 Feb.; Stravinsky born, 17 June; Raff (60) dies, 24/25 June; Grainger born, 8 July; Kodály born, 16 Dec. Theodore Baker’s Über die Musik der nordamerikanischen Wilden [On the Music of North American Indians] submitted as a doctoral dissertation at the University of Leipzig.



Proposes marriage to Marian in Feb.; New York milk strike in March reduces McDowell family income; Marian lives with Edward’s parents in New York, July 1883 to July 1884; Hainauer publishes opp. 17 and 18 in Dec.

First perf. of Chadwick Thalia, 12 Jan.; Wagner (69) dies, 13 Feb.; Metropolitan Opera House opens, 22 Oct.; Webern born, 3 Dec.; Varèse born, 22 Dec.



Marries Marian in New York on 9 July and again in Waterford, CT, on 21 July; attends Shakespeare plays during London honeymoon, which inspires him to write symphonic poems on Shakespearean characters.

Ehlert (58) dies, 4 Jan.; Smetana (60) dies, 12 May; Calixa Lavallée presents American Composers’ Concert at MTNA Conference, 3 July, starting a fad for such concerts; Griffes born, 17 Sept.



Hamlet and Ophelia, op. 22, published by Hainauer; last two movements of First Concerto premiered in New York, 31 Mar.; applies unsuccessfully for a position in Edinburgh in Aug.; moves to Wiesbaden in Sept.

Berg born, 9 Feb.; Leopold Damrosch (52) dies, 15 Feb.; Washington Monument dedicated, 21 Feb.; first perf. of Horatio Parker König Trojan in Munich, 15 July;



Meets Templeton Strong Jr. in spring; composes Lancelot and Elaine, op. 25, in fall; Hamlet and Ophelia, op. 22, performed at Wiesbaden Curhaus, 26 Dec.

Saint-Saëns composes The Carnival of the Animals but suppresses its performance until after his death; first perf. of Dudley Buck The Voyage of Columbus, 4 May; first perf. of Saint-Saëns Symphony No. 3 (“Organ”), 19 May; Liszt (74) dies, 31 July; first perf. of Chadwick Symphony No. 2, 10 Dec.



Marian has stillborn child in spring; purchases home on Grubweg in Wiesbaden in Aug., initiating a prolific period of composition; Van der Stucken American festival in New York includes MacDowell’s Hamlet and Strong’s first symphony.

First perfs. of Foote In the Mountains, 4 Feb.; Verdi Otello, 5 Feb.; Buck The Light of Asia, 6 May; Chadwick Melpomene, 24 Dec. Frank Van der Stucken stages festival of five American Composers’ Concerts in New York, 15–24 Nov. Villa-Lobos born, 5 Mar.



Carreño premieres Etude de Concert, op. 36, on 15 Feb. in Chicago; Carreño plays First Concerto at the MTNA convention in Chicago, 5 July; MacDowell relocates to Boston in Oct., where he resumes active career as a pianist; US debut with Kneisel Quartet, 19 Nov.

First perf. of Chadwick String Quartet No. 3, 23 Jan.



A. P. Schmidt publishes opp. 34, 36, and 37, initiating a long and profitable relationship. Plays Second Concerto, op. 23, in New York, 5 Mar.; Boston, 13 Apr.; Paris, 12 July. Spends the summer with Strong in Switzerland.

Exposition Universelle in Paris, May–Nov.; Manuscript Society of New York founded Oct. First perfs. of Strauss Don Juan, 11 Nov.; Mahler Symphony No. 1, 20 Nov.; Foote Suite No. 2 in D major, op. 21, 22 Nov.



Twelve Etudes, op. 39, and Six Love Songs, op. 40, published. Teresa Carreño performs First Concerto to great acclaim in Berlin, 13 Feb.; MacDowell plays Second Concerto to great acclaim at MTNA convention, 2 July.

First perf. of Strauss Tod und Verklärung, 21 June; Franck (67) dies, 8 Nov.



Suite für grosses Orchester, op. 42, published; MacDowell’s attempt to have it removed from an American Composers’ Concert in Worcester in Sept. is unsuccessful. Performs three piano recitals in Boston on 6 Nov. 1891, 15 Jan. 1892, and 18 Mar. 1892 that solidify his reputation as a pianist.

Prokofiev born, 13 Apr.; Carnegie Hall dedicated with Tchaikovsky as guest of honor, 5 May; Chicago Symphony Orchestra founded by Theodore Thomas; William Mason, Touch and Technic, published 1891–92. Franz Xavier Arens plays nine concerts of American orchestral music in Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Sondershausen, Leipzig, Weimar, and Vienna between Mar. 1891 and July 1892.



MacDowell objects to the Arens tour, despite its enhancement of his European reputation. Marian nearly dies of heat stroke during the summer, after which she spends the winter of 1892/93 undergoing treatment in Philadelphia; Teresa Carreño marries her third husband, Eugen d’Albert, who forbids her playing MacDowell’s music.

First perf. of Chadwick cantata Phoenix expirans, 5 May; Honegger born, 10 Mar.; Darius Milhaud born, 4 Sept.; Dvorˇák appointed director of National Conservatory in New York, arrives 26 Sept.; first perf. of Dvorˇák Te Deum, 21 Oct.; Robert Franz (77) dies, 24 Oct.



Sonata tragica, op. 45, and Eight Songs, op. 47 published by Breitkopf & Härtel. After initially agreeing to play at the Columbian Exposition in May, MacDowell withdraws.

First perfs. of Verdi Falstaff, 9 Feb.; Horatio Parker Hora novissima, 3 May; Dvorˇák Symphony No. 9 “From the New World,” 16 Dec. World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, May–Oct.; Gounod (75) dies, 18 Oct.; Tchaikovsky (53) dies, 6 Nov.



Twelve Virtuoso Etudes, op. 46, published.

First perf. of Dvorˇák String Quartet No. 12 in F major, op. 96 “American,” 1 Jan.; Piston born, 20 Jan.; Hans von Bülow (64) dies, 12 Feb.; Horatio Parker appointed Battell Professor of Music at Yale; Ives begins studies at Yale, 3 Oct.; first perf. of Chadwick Symphony No. 3, 19 Oct.; Anton Rubinstein (64) dies, 8/20 Nov.; first perf. of Debussy Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune, 22 Dec.



Sonata eroica, op. 50, published by Breitkopf & Härtel.

Dvorˇák returns to Bohemia, 16 Apr. but fails to obtain money owed him by the National Conservatory; first perf. of Dvorˇák The American Flag, 4 May; Orff born, 10 July; first perf. of Strauss Till Eulenspiegel, 5 Nov.; Hindemith born, 16 Nov.; first perf. of Mahler Symphony No. 2, 13 Dec.



MacDowell plays First Concerto and premieres Second Suite (Indian), op. 48, in New York, 26 Jan., leading to his appointment as first professor of music at Columbia University in the fall. Purchases 80 acres in Peterborough, NH, in Marian’s name. Receives honorary doctorate from Princeton University, 22 Oct. Woodland Sketches, op. 51, published by P. L. Jung in Dec., went on to become his biggest seller. A series of compositions published 1896–98 under the pseudonym “Edgar Thorn(e)” benefits Marian’s former nurse.

First perf. of Puccini La Bohème, 1 Feb.; Ambroise Thomas (84) dies, 12 Feb.; Clara Schumann (76) dies, 20 May; Anton Bruckner (72) dies, 11 Oct.; Howard Hanson born, 28 Oct.; Virgil Thomson born, 25 Nov.; Roger Sessions born, 28 Dec.; first perf. of Chadwick String Quartet No. 4, 21 Dec. Brahms Vier ernste Gesänge; first perf of Beach “Gaelic” Symphony, 30 Oct.; first perf. of Saint-Saëns, Piano Concerto No. 5 “Egyptian” with the composer at the piano during his fiftieth jubilee concert, 6 May; Strauss Also sprach Zarathustra 27 Nov.



Second Suite (Indian), op. 48, published by Breitkopf & Härtel.

Cowell born, 11 Mar.; Brahms (63) dies, 3 Apr.



Sea Pieces, op. 55, and Four Songs, op. 56, published by P. L. Jung.

Marmontel (81) dies, 16 Jan.; Roy Harris born, 12 Feb.; first perf. of Strauss Don Quixote, 8 Mar.; first perf. of Horatio Parker The Legend of St. Christopher, 15 Apr.; Ives graduates from Yale with a D+ average, 29 June; Gershwin born, 26 Sept.; Bristow dies, 13 Dec.



Three Songs, op. 58, published by Schmidt. Accepts presidency of Manuscript Society of New York, May.

Poulenc born, 7 Jan.; MTNA presents eight American Composers’ Concerts at its annual convention in Cincinnati, 21–23 June (MacDowell refuses to participate); Scott Joplin Maple Leaf Rag copyrighted 18 Sept.; Schoenberg completes Verklärte Nacht, Dec.



Resigns presidency of Manuscript Society, 4 Jan. Third Sonata (Norse), op. 57, published by Schmidt.

First perf. of Puccini Tosca, 14 Jan.; first perf. of Chadwick Adonais, 2 Feb.; Kurt Weill born, 2 Mar.; George Grove (79) dies, 28 May; Antheil born, 8 July; Krˇenek born, 23 Aug.; Copland born, 14 Nov.; Sullivan (58) dies, 22 Nov.



Fourth Sonata (Keltic), op. 59, published by Schmidt. Marian becomes seriously ill in August, requiring surgery.

Verdi (87) dies, 27 Jan.; Ethelbert Nevin (38) dies, 17 Feb.; Ruth Crawford born, 3 July; Louis Armstrong born, 4 Aug.; first perf. of Rachmaninov Second Concerto, 27 Oct.; Rheinberger (62) dies, 25 Nov.



Three Songs, op. 60, Fireside Tales, op. 61, and New England Idyls, op. 62, published by Schmidt. Receives honorary doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, 18 June. Sabbatical leave 1902–3 results in no new compositions.

First perfs. of Sibelius, Symphony No. 2, 8 Mar.; Ives The Celestial Country, 18 Apr.; Debussy, Pelléas et Mélisande, 30 Apr. Jadassohn (70) dies, 1 Feb.



Concert tour of California in Jan. followed by Midwestern and Eastern cities. Performs Second Concerto in London, 14 May; spends the summer in Switzerland. Friends notice his tired, vacant appearance when he returns to Columbia in the fall.

First perfs. of Bruckner Ninth Symphony, 11 Feb.; d’Albert Tiefland, 15 Nov. Claudio Arrau born, 6 Feb.; Hugo Wolf (42) dies, 22 Feb.; Khachaturian born, 6 June; Vladimir Horowitz born, 1 Oct.



Resigns his position at Columbia in January; public scandal follows in February as he spars with university president Nicholas Murray Butler in the press over the reasons for his resignation. Resumes private piano teaching in the fall. Elected one of seven founding members of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, 2 Dec.

First perf. of Puccini Madama Butterfly, 17 Feb.; first perf. of Strauss Sinfonia Domestica in New York, 21 Mar.; first perf. of Chadwick Euterpe, 22 Apr.; Dvorˇák (63) dies, 1 May; first perf. of Chadwick Cleopatra, 29 Sept.; first perf. of Mahler Symphony No. 5, 18 Oct.



Students and friends begin to notice unusual behavior early in the year; MacDowell suffers a nervous breakdown in the summer; signs power of attorney to Marian, 22 July; Hamlin Garland notifies the press of his collapse, 28 Nov.

Theodore Thomas (69) dies, 4 Jan.; first perf. of Schoenberg Pelleas und Melisande, 26 Jan.; first perf. of Mahler Kindertotenlieder, 29 Jan.; Schoenberg completes String Quartet No. 1 in Sept.; first perf of Debussy La Mer, 15 Oct.; first perf. of Strauss Salome, 9 Dec.; first perf. of Lehár The Merry Widow, 30 Dec.



Doctors fail to identify the cause of MacDowell’s continuing decline, which is not improved by a summer in Peterborough. The Mendelssohn Glee Club launches a fund-raising campaign that eventually raises $40,000 for the composer’s support.

Paine (67) dies, 25 Apr.; Shostakovich born, 12/25 Sept.; Victor Herbert The Red Mill opens 24 Sept.



Another summer in Peterborough fails to halt his decline; Marian deeds their property to “The Edward MacDowell Foundation” to be used as an artists’ colony; they are forced to return to New York on 29 Nov. so that she can be treated for her ailments.

Grieg (64) dies, 4 Sept.


Dies (47) in New York, 23 Jan.

First perf. of Chadwick Symphonic Sketches, 7 Feb.; August Wilhelmj (62) dies, 22 Jan.; Herbert von Karajan born, 5 Apr.; Rimsky-Korsakov (64) dies, 8/21 June; William Mason (79) dies, 14 July; Sarasate (64) dies, 20 Sept.; Olivier Messiaen born, 10 Dec.; Elliott Carter born, 11 Dec. Antheil age 7; Louis Armstrong 6; Arrau 4; Bartok 26 (completes Fourteen Bagatelles, op. 6); Beach 40; Berg 22 (completes Piano Sonata, op. 1); Arthur Bird 51; Buck 69; Busoni 41; Carreño 54; Chadwick 53; Copland 7; Cowell 10; Crawford 6; d’Albert 43; Walter Damrosch 45; Debussy 45; Delius 45; Dohnányi 30; Elgar 50; Farwell 35; Fauré 62; Foote 54; Gershwin 9; Grainger 25; Griffes 23; Hanson 11; Roy Harris 9; Herbert 48; Hindemith 12; Holst 33; Honegger 15; Horowitz 4; Huss 45; Ireland 28; Ives 33; Khachaturian 4; Kodály 25; Krˇenek 7; Loeffler 46; Mahler 47; Milhaud 15; Orff 12; Paderewski 47; Horatio Parker 44; Piston 14; Poulenc 9; Prokofiev 16; Puccini 49; Rachmaninov 34; Ravel 32; Saint-Saëns 72; Satie 41; Schoenberg 33 (completes String Quartet No. 2); Scriabin 36 (completes Poem of Ecstasy); Sessions 11; Shostakovich 1; Sibelius 44; Sonneck 34; Strauss 43; Stravinsky 25; Strong 51; Thomson 11; Varèse 24; Vaughan Williams 25; Villa-Lobos 20; Webern 24; Weill 7; Zemlinsky 35.


Fanny MacDowell dies at Phoenicia, NY, 12 July

Buck dies (70), 6 Oct.


Thomas MacDowell dies in New York, 25 Mar.

Frederick Shepherd, The Pipe of Desire is first American opera to be produced at the Metropolitan Opera, 18 Mar.; Puccini La fanciulla del West produced at the Metropolitan Opera, 10 Dec.

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