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The Beauty TradeYouth, Gender, and Fashion Globalization$

Angela B. McCracken

Print publication date: 2014

Print ISBN-13: 9780199908066

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: April 2014

DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199908066.001.0001

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(p.183) Appendix B Youth Interview Questions

(p.183) Appendix B Youth Interview Questions

The Beauty Trade
Oxford University Press

Cluster 1: The current significance of beauty-making in youths’ everyday life (desire, strategy, techniques, appropriateness).

  1. 1) When, if ever, is it important to you to look your best? How important?

    • all the time?

    • certain occasions

      • work?

      • date?

      • special occasion?

      • formal? (e.g. funeral, graduation, wedding)

      • informal? (e.g. a party)

  2. 2) Why is it important to you to look good (in these venues)?

    • to what extent is it a matter of personal satisfaction?

    • to what extent are you doing it to be socially appropriate?

  3. 3) Is it ever preferable for you not to look your best?

    • do you ever feel that you have to “dress down”?

  4. 4) Do you do anything special to make yourself look your best?

    • special attention to clothes?

    • makeup?

    • hair?

    • jewelry/adornments?

    • skin treatments/resurfacing?

    • body treatments?

      • Exercise—what type?

      • Diet—what type?

      • Surgery—what type?

    • face treatments?

      • Surgery?

  5. 5) What in your beauty regime is most important? How important is it?

  6. 6) What about your looks do you spend the most time trying to “fix” or “improve”? Why?

  7. 7) What about your looks most satisfies you? Why?

Cluster 2: How she is preparing for the quince.

  1. 8) Are you going to have/ have you considered/are you going to have a quince años?

    • How did you decide?

    • Tell me about it—what did you do, what are you going to do?

  2. 9) What are you going to wear? Why?

  3. 10) Are you going to do anything else special to get your look ready?

  4. 11) What do you think is the significance of your presentation?

Cluster 3: The significance of beauty images and beauty products in her life, how she responds to “global beauty ideals,” how her ideals change over time (ideas, information, other “looks,” change) Pay special attention to the fiesta with follow-up questions.

  1. 12) Where do you get your inspiration for ways to look your best?

    • Celebrities—who are your favorites, who you think are the most beautiful? What do you like about their looks? Do you emulate them?

    • Friends—tell me about them (race, gender, age, social class). And how do they inspire you?

    • Magazines—are they beauty magazines or other types of magazines? What do you get out of them?

    • Internet—what kind of inspiration do you get there?

    • Art—what kind of inspiration do you get there?

  2. (p.185) 13) Where do or did you get your information about products and services?

    • do you seek it out, or just pick up information?

    • magazines

    • TV ads

    • internet

    • beauty salon

    • friends

  3. 14) Do you see many images of beauty or “how to look” from people not like you in terms of race, age?

  4. 15) Are you particularly attracted to “looks” from other cultures (e.g. Indian, Chinese, Flamenco, Middle Eastern, European, African, US)?

  5. 16) Do you incorporate looks, in whole or part, from other places?

    • If yes, have you always?

    • If no, did you in the past?

  6. 17) How has your idea of how you would like to look changed over time? (each can define her own time period, e.g. middle-age, 45-55, or when I was raising kids).

    • kid

    • teen

    • young adult

  7. 18) How has your idea of how you think you should look changed over time? (each can define her own time period, e.g. middle-age, 45-55, or when I was raising kids).

    • kid

    • teen

    • young adult

Cluster 3: To what degree she considers personal beauty standards universal.

  1. 19) Do you and your friends share ideas about what looks good?

  2. 20) Do you think the same standards you have for your own beauty also apply for other people?

    • your friends?

    • your family?

    • the women in your community?

    • women of your race/ethnicity/age group

    • women in your country?

    • all women?

  3. (p.186) 21) How do you judge another woman’s beauty?

  4. 22) Do you have different measures for women outside your culture?

  5. 23) Do you think there is or will emerge one standard type of beauty for all women? What would it look like, in your opinion?