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Goods and Services in EC LawA Study of the Relationship Between the Freedoms$

Jukka Snell

Print publication date: 2002

Print ISBN-13: 9780199250097

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: March 2012

DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199250097.001.0001

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(p.231) Appendix: Cases analysed in the study

(p.231) Appendix: Cases analysed in the study

Goods and Services in EC Law
Oxford University Press

The following is a list of cases analysed in the empirical study on the intensity of review, whether they concern goods or services, and the result of the case.

Case C-288/89 Collectieve Antennevoorziening Gouda [1991] ECR I-4007; services; not permissible.

Case C-353/89 Commission v Netherlands [1991] ECR I-4069; services; not permissible.

Joined Cases C-1/90 and C-176/90 Aragonesa de Publicidad Exterior SA and Publivía SAE v Departamento de Sanidad y Seguridad Social de la Generalitat de Cataluña [1991] ECR I-4151; goods; permissible.

Case C-76/90 Manfred Säger v Dennemeyer & Co. Ltd [1991] ECR I-4221; services; not permissible.

Case C-18/88 Régie des télégraphes et des téléphones v GB-Inno-BM SA [1991] ECR I-5941; goods; not permissible.

Case C-204/90 Hans-Martin Bachmann v Belgian State [1992] ECR I-249; services; mixed result.

Case C-300/90 Commission v Belgium [1992] ECR I-305; services; permissible.

Case C-235/89 Commission v Italy [1992] ECR I-777; goods; not permissible.

Case C-30/90 Commission v United Kingdom [1992] ECR I-829; goods; not permissible.

Case C-62/90 Commission v Germany [1992] ECR I-2575; goods; not permissible.

Case C-106/91 Ramrath v Ministère de la Justice [1992] ECR I-3351; services; mixed result.

Case C-360/89 Commission v Italy [1992] ECR I-3401; services; not permissible.

Joined Cases C-13/91 and C-113/91 Criminal Proceedings Against Michel Debus [1992] ECR I-3617; goods; not permissible.

Case C-47/90 Établissements Delhaize Frères et Compagnie Le Lion SA v Promalvin SA and AGE Bodegas Unidas SA [1992] ECR I-3669; goods; not permissible.

Case C-137/91 Commission v Greece [1992] ECR I-4023; goods; not permissible.

Case C-2/90 Commission v Belgium [1992] ECR I-4431; goods; permissible.

Case C-95/89 Commission v Italy [1992] ECR I-4545; goods; permissible.

Case C-293/89 Commission v Greece [1992] ECR I-4577; goods; permissible.

(p.232) Case C-344/90 Commission v France [1992] ECR I-4719; goods; permissible.

Case C-191/90 Generics (UK) Ltd and Harris Pharmaceuticals Ltd v Smith Kline and French Laboratories Ltd [1992] ECR I-5335; goods; not permissible.

Case C-3/91 Exportur SA v LOR SA and Confiserie du Tech [1992] ECR I-5529; goods; permissible.

Case C-279/89 Commission v United Kingdom [1992] ECR I-5785; goods; not permissible.

Case C-235/91 Commission v Ireland [1992] ECR I-5917; goods; not permissible.

Case C-280/89 Commission v Ireland [1992] ECR I-6185; goods; not permissible.

Case C-306/88 Rochdale Borough Council v Stewart John Anders [1992] ECR I-6457; goods; permissible.

Case C-304/90 Reading Borough Council v Payless DIY Ltd and others [1992] ECR I-6493; goods; permissible.

Case C-169/91 Stoke-on-Trent and Norwich City Councils v B&Q [1992] ECR I-6635; goods; permissible.

Case C-211/91 Commission v Belgium [1992] I-6757; services; not permissible.

Case C-148/91 Vereiging Veronica Omroep Organisatie v Commissariaat voor de Media [1993] ECR I-487; services; permissible.

Case C-375/90 Commission v Greece [1993] ECR I-2055; goods; permissible.

Case C-17/92 FEDECINE v Spain [1993] ECR I-2239; services; not permissible.

Case C-126/91 Schutzverband gegen Unwesen in der Wirtschaft e. V. v Yves Rocher GmbH [1993] ECR I-2361; goods; not permissible.

Case C-228/91 Commission v Italy [1993] ECR I-2701; goods; not permissible.

Case C-271/92 LPO v UNSOF and others [1993] ECR I-2899; goods; permissible.

Case C-373/92 Commission v Belgium [1993] ECR I-3107; goods; not permissible.

Case C-243/89 Commission v Denmark [1993] ECR I-3353; goods, services; not permissible.

Case C-20/92 Anthony Hubbard v Peter Hamburger [1993] ECR I-3777; services; not permissible.

Joined Cases C-46/90 and C-93/91 Procureur du Roi v Jean-Marie Lagauche and others [1993] ECR I-5267; goods; permissible.

Case C-317/91 Deutsche Renault AG v AUDI AG [1993] ECR I-6227; goods; permissible.

Joined Cases C-277/91, C-318/91 and C-319/91 Ligur Carni Srl and others v Unità Sanitaria Locale No XV di Genove and others [1993] ECR I-6621; goods; not permissible.

Case C-315/92 Verband Sozialer Wettbewerb v Estée Lauder [1994] ECR I-317; goods; not permissible.

Case C-45/93 Commission v Spain [1994] ECR I-911; services; not permissible.

(p.233) Case C-375/92 Commission v Spain [1994] ECR I-923; services; not permissible.

Case C-80/92 Commission v Belgium [1994] ECR I-1019; goods; mixed result.

Case C-275/92 Her Majesty's Customs and Excise v Gerhart Schindler and Jörg Schindler [1994] ECR I-1039; services; permissible.

Case C-272/91 Commission v Italy [1994] ECR I-1409; services; not permissible.

Case C-9/93 IHT Internationale Heiztechnik GmbH and Uwe Danziger v Ideal-Standard GmbH and Wabco Standard GmbH [1994] ECR I-2789; goods; permissible.

Case C-317/92 Commission v Germany [1994] ECR I-2039; goods; not permissible.

Case C-426/92 Germany v Deutsches Milch-Kontor GmbH [1994] ECR I-2757; goods; mixed result.

Case C-314/93 Criminal Proceedings Against Francois Rouffeteau and Robert Badia [1994] ECR I-3257; goods; permissible.

Case C-131/93 Commission v Germany [1994] ECR I-3303; goods; not permissible.

Case C-17/93 Criminal Proceedings Against J.J.J. Van der Veldt [1994] ECR I-3537; goods; not permissible.

Case C-43/93 Raymond Vander Elst v Office des Migrations Internationales [1994] ECR I-3803; services; not permissible.

Case C-51/93 Meyhui NV v Schott Zwiesel Glaswerke AG [1994] ECR I-3879; goods; permissible.

Case C-146/91 KYDEP v Council and Commission [1994] ECR I-4199; goods; permissible.

Case C-293/93 Criminal Proceedings Against Ludomira Neeltje Barbara Houtwipper [1994] ECR I-4249; goods; mixed result.

Case C-249/92 Commission v Italy [1994] ECR I-4311; goods; not permissible.

Case C-23/93 TV 10 SA v Commissariaat voor de Media [1994] ECR I-4795; services; permissible.

Case C-55/93 Criminal Proceedings Against J.G.C. van Schaik [1994] ECR I-4837; services; permissible.

Case C-323/93 Société Civile Agricole du Centre d'Insémination de la Crespelle v Coopérative d'Élevage et d'Insémination Artificielle du Département de la Mayenne [1994] ECR I-5077; goods; mixed result.

Case C-320/93 Lucien Ortscheit GmbH v Eurim-Pharm Arzneimittel GmbH [1994] ECR I-5243; goods; permissible.

Case C-359/93 Commission v Netherlands [1995] ECR I-157; goods; not permissible.

Case C-324/93 R v Secretary of State for the Home Department, ex parte Evans Medical Ltd and Macfarlan Smith Ltd [1995] ECR I-563; goods; mixed result.

Case C-384/93 Alpine Investments BV v Minister van Financiën [1995] ECR I-1141; services; permissible.

(p.234) Case C-470/93 Verein gegen Unwesen in Handel und Gewerbe Köln e. V. v Mars GmbH [1995] ECR I-1923; goods; not permissible.

Case C-51/94 Commission v Germany [1995] ECR I-3599; goods; not permissible.

Case C-484/93 Svensson, Gustavsson v Ministre du logement et de l'urbanisme [1995] ECR I-3955; services; not permissible.

Case C-272/94 Criminal Proceedings Against Michael Guiot [1996] ECR I-1905; services; not permissible.

Case C-101/94 Commission v Italy [1996] ECR I-2691; services; not permissible.

Case C-293/94 Criminal Proceedings Against Jacqueline Brandsma [1996] ECR I-3159; goods; mixed result.

Case C-240/95 Criminal Proceedings Against Rémy Schmit [1996] ECR I-3179; services; not permissible.

Joined Cases C-71/94, C-72/94 and C-73/94 Eurim-Pharm Arzneimittel GmbH v Beiersdorf AG and others [1996] ECR I-3603; goods; mixed results.

Case C-232/94 MPA Pharma GmbH v Rhône-Poulenc Pharma GmbH [1996] ECR I-3671; goods; mixed results.

Case C-313/94 F.lli Graffione SNC v Ditto Fransa [1996] ECR I-6039; goods; mixed results.

Joined Cases C-267/95 and C-268/95 Merck & Co. Inc. and others v Primecrown Ltd and others [1996] ECR I-6285; goods; mixed result.

Case C-3/95 Reisebüro Broede v Gerd Sandker [1996] ECR I-6511; services; permissible.

Case C-358/95 Tommaso Morellato v Unità Sanitaria Locale (USL) No 11, Pordenone [1997] ECR I-1431; goods; not permissible.

Case C-272/95 Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung v Deutsches Milch-Kontor GmbH [1997] ECR I-1905; goods; mixed result.

Cases C-321/94, C-322/94, C-323/94 and C-324/94 Criminal Proceedings Against Jacques Pistre [1997] ECR I-2434; goods; not permissible.

Case C-105/94 Ditta Angelo Celestini v Saar-Sektkellerei Faber GmbH & Co. KG [1997] ECR I-2971, goods; mixed results.

Case C-398/95 Syndesmos ton en Elladi Touristikon kai Taxidiotikon Grafeion v Ypourgos Ergasias [1997] ECR I-3091; services; not permissible.

Case C-114/96 Criminal Proceedings Against René Kieffer and Romain Thill [1997] ECR I-3629; goods; permissible.

Case C-368/95 Vereinigte Familiapress Zeitungsverlags-und vertriebs GmbH v Heinrich Bauer Verlag [1997] ECR I-3689; goods; mixed results.

Joined Cases C-34/95, C-35/95 and C-36/95 Konsumentombudsmannen v De Agostini (Svenska) Förlag AB and TV-Shop i Sverige AB [1997] ECR I-3843; goods, services; mixed results.

Case C-222/95 Société Civile Immobilière Parodi v Banque H. Albert de Bary et Cie [1997] ECR I-3899; services; mixed results.

(p.235) Case C-316/95 Generics BV v Smith, Kline & French Laboratories Ltd [1997] ECR I-3929; goods; permissible.

Case C-189/95 Criminal Proceedings Against Harry Franzén [1997] ECR I-5909; goods; not permissible.

Case C-337/95 Parfums Christian Dior SA and Parfums Christian Dior BV v Evora BV [1997] ECR I-6013; goods; mixed results.

Case C-349/95 Frits Loendersloot, trading as F. Loendersloot Internationale Expeditie v George Ballantine & Son Ltd and others [1997] ECR I-6227; goods; mixed results.

Case C-265/95 Commission v French Republic [1997] ECR I-6959; goods; not permissible.

Case C-1/96 R v Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods, ex parte Compassion in World Farming [1998] ECR I-1251; goods; not permissible.

Case C-120/95 Nicolas Decker v Caisse de Maladie des Employés Privés [1998] ECR I-1831; goods; not permissible.

Case C-118/96 Jessica Safir v Skattemyndigheten in Dalarnas Län [1998] ECR I-1897; services; not permissible.

Case C-158/96 Raymond Kohll v Union des Caisses de Maladie [1998] ECR I-1931; services; not permissible. (p.236)