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The Irish Classical SelfPoets and Poor Scholars in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries$

Laurie O’Higgins

Print publication date: 2017

Print ISBN-13: 9780198767107

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: April 2017

DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198767107.001.0001

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(p.205) Appendix A Extract from “Archbishop Butler’s Visitation Book,” Volume II

(p.205) Appendix A Extract from “Archbishop Butler’s Visitation Book,” Volume II

The Irish Classical Self

Laurie O’Higgins

Oxford University Press

This is an excerpt from O’Dwyer 18–221.

Candidates for Holy Orders Examined in Thurles in 1758 and 1759.

1758 September 28 [Candidates for Holy Orders] examind for the first time in…Thurless.

Nicholas Moress who gave his n[ame to] Michael Fihan, official, in ye month [of] March 1758; aged 23 years & 7 months, baptisd. by sd. Fihan, born in Thurless of Catholick parentes calld. Thomas Moress & Ellen Bourk. He frequented the school of Toby Bourk of Thurless & Mr Magrath at Cashil for 3 months. Confirmd. by C.B.

James Bell did not appear nor brought the instructions; born in the parish of Duniskeagh, son to John Bell & Ann Sheehy: bapd by ye. revd. Philipp Dwyer who stud as god father, Ellinor Fin as god mother; livd. in the parish of Bolick from the time he was 6 months old, aged 24 years last Febry. Since he was born livd. in ye parish of Buolick till 6 years ago frequented the schools of…He begun to learn ye Latin first with Cornelius Ryan at Fenor for 2 years; for 18 months he was at school with Mr Bourk in Thurless; with Mr Val Bourk in the county of Cork for 9 months; at Killinal with Peter Moloy; with Jackson Carrick 6 months; 6 months fa. Butler & father Patrick Ryan perceivd. 2 year ago he had a vocation for ye church.…

On the 19th of Sepr. 1759 in festo Sti. Januarii epi et sociorum at Thurles examd.:

Manus Ryan. son of Roger Ryan and Cathn. Ryan, born at Balliduf, aged 24 years in Christmas 1758, bapd. by Revd. John Ryan of ye order of St. Francis, god fa. Richd. Mulrony & Ann Ryan. Confirmd. by his gce. C. Butler, blessd. memory. Quaere vouchers. Ds. Cashil. To instruct at Thurles.

Thoms. Ryan. son to Edmd. Ryan & Joane Ryan, born in Glanbeg, parish of Uper Church in ds. of Cashil, aged 22 years in May 1759, bapd by fa. Hubert Bourk. (p.206) Quaere god fa. & god mother & vouchers for ye foregoing. Confirmd. by his gce. C. Butler at Uper Church.

John McKeogh, son to Cornelius McKeogh & Elisath Smitt, born at Killmastul of ye parish, of Kilnarath. Born in ye 3d of 8 br. 1735, bapd. by his uncle Revd. John McKeogh. Confirmd. by his gce Jams. Butler. Learnd to read & write from Jams McKeogh & remaind with ye James during 9 years…John Suliva[n] schoolmaster near…[com]menced. his grammer with him & …time learnd grammer, procidy, & some [Latin] authors, after learnd for 18 monts from T[homs.], brother to John Sulivan, who taught near [the Silver]-mines and afterwards sd. Jon. McKeogh stu[died with] Pat. Magary in Lymerick for 9 month[s]…Latin authors & for almost 2 years taught [ye child]ren of Emes Frewen at Castle Connel, parted the same ye. 2nd instant. Has ye precept for candidates & catechism….

John Cumin recommended [by] ye Revd. Tim McCarty for good morals & ingenuity, born 14 9br 1734, has certified at Duniskeagh from Wm Comin & Margt. Luben, a married couple, & bapd. [by] Revd. Philipp. Dwyer & then standing for him Wm. Boing & Wenyfred Dwyer. His first schoolmaster was Edmd. English of Duniskeagh with whom he spent 2 years & half learning to read & write & ye most part of his grammer. Afterwards he spent 9 month[s] with Malachy Dwyer learning Latin, & spent 18 months with John Patswell at Carricknishure & after Patrick Patswell[’s] school he went for 3 months to Tim Ryan at Sollihid beg & thence he went to ye school of Mr Edmd. Comman & spent 2 years with him learning Latin. He afterwards taught publick school for 7 years in ye parish of Crook, the parish priest of wch. place Revd Thoms Hogan by his certificat dated 28 of June 1758 setts forth ye spirital life & good morals of sd. Commine, who declares its not ye Latin he taught for ye sd 7 years but figures. To catechize at Tipperary.

…sd June 1758 sd. Comm [in] spent 7 months with Jams. Cantilon at Drumculiher in ye [county] Lymerick during wch. time sd. Commins [appl]yd himself to ye. Latin. Has ye precepts [for] ye candidats but not ye catechism.

Dennis Brien, son to Dennis Brien & Honor Quinlin of Aughnicarty in ye ds. of Cashil, born or certifi’d by Revd. Wm. Quinlin of sd. parents being a married couple & sd. place & ye. year 1736. His first schoolmaster was Pat. Ryan at Capogh White where he learnd to read & write for 15 months & for 3 months more with Pat Croneen learning ye same & afterwards learnd for 3 months more with Malachy Gleesan his grammer & afterwards studied ye Latin with Edmd. Commane for 5 years & half & went 1758, June, to school of Thom Duan of Caharlee where he was for 3 months & after returnd. [to] ye sd. school of sd. Commane where he actualy studies. He has neither ye precept for can[didats] or catechisim, this being his first time of appearing. Is confirmd. by his Gce. Dr C. B. To catechise at Rd. Micl Hicky.

At the parish of Killea in ye care of the Revd. Willm. Meagher 1758. July 17

(p.207) Derby Quinlin, aged 22, son to [Ja]ms [Quinlin and]…Ryan, now living at Anhid in ye…was born at Rossmore, d. of Cashil, aged as he says…bap[d.] by Revd. Richd. Bourk, now deceasd. [His godfa. & god]mother were Stephen Duly & Mary Dwy[er. Began] his letters with Thoms. Cormock, then at Anh[id, where he was] only learning to spell when he came to To[by] Bourk, with whom he remaind till he read his [classical course]. Commencd. ye 13 febry last with Edmd Co[mman], whose school he actualy frequents. To catechize at Thurles.

Philipp. Ryan, son to Tim Ryan & Mary Hic[ky], born in ye parish of Galbaly, ds. Emly, is on [his] examinations this twelve months past. Produced y[e] vouchers for his baptism & morals. He says he reads his office with Revd. Dennis Rease at Emly. He has ye precepts for candidats & is orderd. not to leave Thurless till he appears to teach ye Christian doctrine & ye exposition of ye Creed. To catechize in Imly.

Thoms Farrell, son to Jams. Farrell & Mary Dwyer of Culinure in ye parish of Balintemple, ds. Cashil. Sd. Thoms. was born at Culinure & bapd., as he says, by Revd. Philipp Dwyer; god fa. & mother Pat. Dwyer & Mary Dwyer. Quaere vouchers. Begun his letters with Malachy Dwyer & was with him for two years & with Mr Commane for 5 years & still remains with him. Has neither precept or catichism. Agd., as he says, 29 years ye 11 of last augt. Was confirmd. by his gce C. B. To catechize at Rd Tim Carty’s.

William Davern, son to Tim Davern & Joane Quinlin, [born] of them in Dunoghil, ds. Cashil; aged 24 years [last M]arch, wch. he produced. Confirmed by [his g]ce. C. B. Begun his learning with Thoms. English, [beg]un ye Latin with Mr Comman during ye time of…years, where actualy studies. To catechize at [Kil]feacle.

Wm. Carroll, son to Tim Carroll & Joane Conors, born in Balimochedy in ye parish of Raduf; bapd. by Revd Edmd Conors, now deceasd. Confirmd. by his gce. James Butler. Agd. 19 years last March. Has ye precepts & catichism & promises to have exposition of ye Creed etc. To catecheze at Ahnicarty.

Mortogh Hurly, son to Daniel Hurly & Mary Hefornan, born in Caharaly where th[e]y at present live; bapd. by Dr Laurence Ryan, deceasd. Confirmd. by his gce. C. B. Agd. 23 last May. Has his baptisterium from Dr Mathw Mitchil. Begun his learning wth John Heyns from whom he begun to read & write; begun his Latin with Thoms Duan for 4 years & there continues. He has ye precept for ye candidats & says he has ye rest at home except ye exposition of ye Creed, wch. he promises to produce before he leaves Thurless. To catechize at Docr. Mitchil’s Masses.

John ffogarty; son to Malachy ffog[arty & …] Kenedy, born at Ballichahill, ds. Cashil, [bapd. by] Revd. fa. Doroney. Confirmd. by his gce. C. B. [Aged]…years last June, 1759. Learnd in the beginning [from] Thoms. Leacy. Learns now Latin & Greek [from] James Mulane.

(p.208) Denis Cullinan born at Carunahally of Jon Cullinane & Mary Hanly who now live at Cnokderk, & sd. Jon is son to Denis Cullinan of Cos, shephd to Mr Charles Benet. Sd Denis’s wife is Margt. Ryan. Sd. Denis junr. is 24 years old the 24th of June 1759 & produced a bapm. from Rd. Micl. Hicky. He is on his examn. since Lent 17[58]. Sd Denis junr comenced his learning wth. Thos Liston in the parish of Emly & afterward [with] Mr Val Roch & spent with him 4 years in the parish of Templebreadan & af[ter] him sd Denis junr spent a year with Jon Mur[phy] near Ballyanvana & then spent 5 years with Ed. Coman in the parish of Doonskeagh; at last for 6 months with Mr Walter Bourk in Limk. Sd. Denis taught a publik school at the church of Pallas for 9 months & likewise taught privatly at Mr Tim Ryans of Ballybrooda for 9 months before this 20th day of Sepr 1759. He did not produce any necessary. To catechize at Denis Mcnamarra.

Wm. Mahuny born in Lagan’stown in the [par]ish of Cnokgrafton in the ds. ·of Cashel of…[M]ahuny & Uny Slatery who actually [live] in said Laganstown; aged 25 years on…[Chris]tmas 1759. Learn’t reading etc. wth. Denis [Ry]un at Cnokgrafton for 30 months & began [L]atin wth. Wm Conr. at Banesagh & spent 3 years with him & afterwards spent one year with Edmd Cantwel in the parish of Cnokgrafton. Then for 6 month[s] sd. Wm. was wth. Mr Edmond Coman & began in 14th of Feb last with Mr Denis McCrath in Casshel wth. whom he read Horace, Justin, Q. Curtius [?]. He neither hath the precept for candidats, catechism etc. Says he was baptized by Rd Danl Maher, decd.; god fa. & mor. Ed Doogin & Mary Danl. & confirmd by his Gce. Christopher Butler. To catechize at Cashel.

Tim Rahill born in the parish of Holycross, d. of Casshel, born of Denis Rahill & Ellis Fahy, aged 23 years in May 1760, baptised by Rd Jon Dorony, confirmed by his Gce. C. B. His parents still live where sd. Tim was born. He begun his learning with Wm Ryan in said H Cross & spent 4 years with him & began his Latin with Mr Theobald Burk, Thurles, & spent 6 months with him & afterwards 15 months with Mr Philip Dwyer at Mullinahua & then begun with James Mullan at Farneybridge in Sepr. 1758 & still continues with said Mullane. To catechize at H cross.


(1) C. O’Dwyer (ed.) “Archbishop Butler's Visitation Book,” vol. 2, Archivium Hibernicum 34 (1977) 1–49. O’Dwyer’s notes at the end of the article describe the later careers of many of these men.