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Bread and JusticeState and Society in Petrograd 1917-1922$

Mary McAuley

Print publication date: 1991

Print ISBN-13: 9780198219828

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: October 2011

DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198219828.001.0001

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(p.431) Appendix 1 Leading Petrograd Bolsheviks, 1917–1922

(p.431) Appendix 1 Leading Petrograd Bolsheviks, 1917–1922

Bread and Justice
Oxford University Press

AMENITSKII, Alex. Mikh. (1887–1942), born into a white-collar family in Olonets; student at Petersburg University where, in 1910, he joined the Bolshevik party; 1917–21, district organizer of 1st-city, 2nd-city districts; member of PK; 1922–6 in the south; 1926–9 raikom secretary, member of gubkom. Thereafter unknown.

ANTIPOV, Nik. Kirill. (1894–1941), born into poor peasant family in Novgorod guberniia, started work at the Admiralty plant in 1909; joined the Bolshevik party in 1912; thereafter arrest, underground party work; 1917 member of Narvskii raikom, and of the Central Council of Factory Committees; 1918–20 in and out of Petrograd, head of Cheka, member of PK; 1920–26 out of the city; 1926 returned to work in gubkom, and was on the city EC; 1928 moved to Moscow; 1937 arrested, died in prison.

ANTSELOVICH, Naum Mark. (1888–1952), born into a Petersburg worker's family, joined the Bolshevik party in 1905, underground party work; 1917 active in electricians' union; 1918–21 chairman of TU Council, member of PK; 1921 TU work abroad, then in Moscow; briefly back in 1925, 1937; 1939 moved to Arkhangelsk.

BADAEV, Aleks. Egor. (1883–1951), born into poor peasant family in Orlovshina; 1903 came to the Aleksandrovskii plant, trained as a lathe-operator; joined the Bolsheviks in 1904; member of 4th Duma; 1914 arrested; 1917 Petrograd Duma; 1918–21 chairman of different Provisions Agencies in Petrograd; member of PK; 1922–30 Soviet work in the city; 1930 to Moscow to head Consumers' Association, then to Presidium of RSFSR Supreme Soviet.

BAKAEV, Ivan Pet. (1887–1936), born into peasant family in Saratov guberniia, became an industrial worker; joined the Bolsheviks in 1906, underground party work and arrests; 1917 active in Petrograd Soviet; off to the front; 1919–20 head of Petrograd Cheka, 1921 to PK department; 1922–5 different jobs in the city; 1925 supported Zinoviev, 1927 expelled from the party; reinstated; 1935 sentenced in connection with Kirov assassination; 1936 executed.

BYSTRIANSKII, Vadim Aleks. (1886–1940); studied at Petersburg University, joined the Bolshevik party in 1907; arrested, exiled, returned after 1917; 1918 editor Petrogradskaia pravda, thereafter publishing work, until late 1930s he became head of Leningrad Institute for the History of the Party.

DERBYSHEV, Nik. Ivan. (1879–1955), born into a leather worker's family in Tomsk; became an apprentice printer aged 14; joined the SD party in 1896, thereafter arrest and imprisonment; arrived in Petersburg in 1907 where worked as a printer, active in (p.432) the union; in 1917 chairman of Central Council of Factory Committees; 1918–20 on TU Council and SNKh; breakdown after the Iudenich campaign, and moved to Moscow.

EGOROVA (Lepin), Evg. Nik. (1892–1938), born into a Latvian carpenter's family, trained as a seamstress, joined the Bolsheviks in 1911, arrived in Petrograd in 1916; 1917 on Vyborg raikom, 1918–19 party organizer in the city, then to Saratov, returned 1920, and continued as district organizer, member of PK; 1926–30 studying at Leningrad University, then to Moscow to union work; arrested 1937, died 1938.

EVDOKIMOV, Grig. Erem. (1884–1936), a sailor from age 15, party member from 1903; by 1913 working as a cutter at Putilov, and in 1917 a delegate to the Petergof soviet; 1918–21 political work in the army, and then on the Petrograd Soviet Presidium; 1922 TU Council; sided with Zinoviev in 1925; expelled from the party in 1927; reinstated; arrested 1935, sentenced, August 1936 further trial, and executed.

GESSEN, Serg. Mikh. (1898–1938), party member from 1916; 1918 left-communist; 1919–21 party work in the city, supported Trotsky in 1921; member of gubkom; then party work elsewhere; returned to support Zinoviev in 1926; 1927 expelled; readmitted; 1935 arrested; 1938 died in prison.

GUSEV (Drabkin), Serg. Ivan. (1874–1933), teacher's son from Riazan, who came to Petersburg Technological Institute in 1896, and joined the SD party; underground work and arrests; 1918 secretary of Petrograd Soviet, then away with Red Army; subsequently to Moscow, member of Right Opposition.

IVANOV, Nik. Ivan. (1883–1937), son of a blacksmith, metal-worker, joined the Bolsheviks in 1905; 1917 on Petrogradskaia raikom, thereafter chairman of Petrograd metal-workers' union, Commissar for Labour; 1921–6 head of Municipal Services; deputy-chairman Petrograd Soviet; gubkom; 1929 removed in anti-bureaucracy campaign, and moved to industrial administration; 1937 arrested, died in prison.

IVANOV-MIKHAILOV, Mikh. Silv. (1894–1931), from a peasant family, a worker at Siemens-Shukkert, where he joined the Bolsheviks in 1912; arrested, escaped; 1917–21 VO raikom, Petrograd SNKh, district organizer, and thence to industrial administration in the city, member of gubkom; married to Egorova.

KALININ, Mikh. Ivan. (1875–1946), born into a peasant family, and began an apprenticeship in Petersburg in 1893; joined the SD party in 1898; underground work and arrests; in 1917 working at the Pipe Works; thereafter chairman of Duma, Municipal Services; 1919 to Moscow, to VTsIK.

KHARITONOV, Moisei Mark. (1887–1948), party member from 1905, working in the south; 1917 came to Petrograd, district party work, member of PK; 1918 moved out of city, returned in 1919, party and soviet work; 1921 district organizer; initially supported Trotsky in 1921; gubkom secretary, then was moved to Moscow; supported Zinoviev in 1925, expelled from party in 1927, reinstated; 1935 arrested, died in prison.

KOMAROV, Nik. Pavl. (1886–1937), son of a peasant from Tver, started work in the Cartridge Works in 1902; joined the SRs, left the city, returned in 1909 to Putilov, and joined the Bolsheviks; arrests, underground work in the city; 1917 Vyborg raikom; off (p.433) to the front, then back to head Cheka; 1921 secretary of Soviet EC, member of bureau of gubkom; thereafter party and soviet posts; 1931 to Moscow, 1937 arrested, died.

KOTLIAKOV, Ivan Efim. (1887–1929), carpenter's son from Kursk, party member from 1902, factory work in Petersburg; 1917 Vyborg Red Guard, and Duma member; 1918–21, Municipal Services Dept., SNKh; short-lived member of Workers' Opposition in 1921, member of gubkom; thereafter soviet and economic administration.

KRAINEV, Ignat Nik. (1893–1939), party member since 1911; member of Vyborg raikom from 1915, from New Lessner Works; 1919 SNKh; 1921 working for gubkom, then to Moscow; back as director of New Lessner in 1930.

KUKLIN, Aleks. Serg. (1876–?); locksmith and party member from 1903; active in Petersburg from 1911, chairman Vyborg soviet in 1917; Presidium of Petrograd Soviet, then to the front, back by 1920, party and soviet work, member of gubkom; 1922–6 leading soviet and party posts, supported Zinoviev, and dropped in 1926; arrested at the end of 1934.

KUZMIN, Nik. Iak. (1893–1938), born in Tver, arrived in Petersburg in 1901, and finished the technical school attached to the Baltic yard; party member from 1912, arrested 1914, and exiled; from 1920, head of agricultural depts. of Soviet, member of gubkom; 1933 to Moscow; arrested?

LASHEVICH, Mikh. Mikh. (1884–1928), born in Odessa, finished gymnasium, party member since 1901, and active in the south; in Petrograd in 1917, active in the Soviet, then military appointments; 1920 Presidium Petrograd Soviet; left the city in 1921 but returned to support Zinoviev in 1927, expelled from the party.

LEPSE, Ivan Ivan. (1889–1929), foundry worker from Riga, party member from 1904, and in Petrograd from 1915; 1917 active in metal-workers' union; 1918–21 posts on TU Council, Dept. of Labour, SNKh.

LOBOV, Semen Semen. (1888–1939), son of a peasant, a metal-worker in Petersburg factories from 1914, party member from 1913, member of Vyborg raikom from 1915, and PK from 1917; thereafter posts in SNKh and Cheka, member of gubkom; 1921–6 economic administration in the city; 1926 to VSNKh; arrested (1937?), died in prison.

LUNACHARSKII, Anat. Vasil. (1875–1933), born into a white-collar family in Poltava, attended gymnasium in Kiev. Member of SD party from 1904; of Bolsheviks from 1917; 1917–19 Commissar for the Enlightenment in Petrograd, then moved to Moscow.

MOLOTOV (Skriabin), Viach. Mikh. (1890–1986), born in a white-collar family in Nolinsk, and studied at Kazan Commercial Institute; joined the Bolsheviks in 1906; arrested; arrived in Petersburg in 1911 to attend the Polytechnical Institute; 1917, worked for Pravda, member of PK; 1918–19 chairman of SNKh, then moved out of city, and to the centre.

MOSKVIN, Ivan Mikh. (1890–1939), son of an office-worker, joined the Bolsheviks in 1911 as a student at the Mining Institute; 1918–21 party work on the railways; member of gubkom; 1921 head of party organization dept., deputy-head Soviet EC; 1922–6 party work; 1930 to VSNKh; arrested, died in prison.

(p.434) NEVSKII (Krivobokov), Vlad. Ivan. (1876–1937), son of wealthy Rostov merchant, party member since 1897; arrived in Petrograd in 1917, member of PK; thereafter a number of central and Petrograd educational and editorial posts,; member of Workers' Opposition in 1921; 1924 to Moscow, as director of Lenin Library; 1935 arrested, died.

NIKOLAEVA, Klavdia Ivan. (1893–1944), daughter of a Petersburg worker, trained as a bookbinder; party member since 1909, arrested, underground work; 1917 member of 1st-city raikom; 1917–22 head of the womens' section, and work in the agitation department, member of gubkom; 1924 to Moscow, 1926 supported Zinoviev, then recanted.

PERVUKHIN, Evg. Porf. (1873–1941), medical student at Petersburg University; party member from 1903; arrested, exiled; 1917 working as doctor, PK member, district organizer; 1918–27 head of Petrograd Health Dept; 1927 to Comintern.

POZERN, Boris Pavl. (1882–1939), son of a physician from Nizhni Novgorod, and studied medicine at Moscow University; party member from 1903, arrest, underground work; to Petrograd in 1917, 1918–20 Military Commissar; 1922 returned to city, to economic administration, party and soviet work; arrested, executed in 1939.

RAVICH, Sara Naum. (1879–1957), born in Kharkov, joined the SD party in 1902, and thereafter party work in Russia and abroad; returned to Petrograd in 1917, member of PK; 1918–20 head of Internal Affairs Dept., member of gubkom and Presidium of Petrograd Soviet; Zinoviev's common-law wife; 1921 moved to Moscow, supported Zinoviev in 1925, expelled from party, readmitted, 1935 expelled, then sentenced (to labour camp?) for anti-party activities.

RUDAKOV, Ivan Grig. (1883–1937), party member from 1905, active in Okhta soviet in 1917;1918 to SNKh, and thereafter responsible for the fuel section; 1922–30 economic administration; 1930 to Belorussia; arrested, died in prison, in 1937.

SEMENOV, Boris Aleks. (1890–1940), son of a Petersburg clerk; party member since 1907, thereafter arrest, exile, back in Petrograd in 1917; 1918 chairman of Spasskii soviet, then off with Red Army; 1921 head of Cheka, member of gubkom; 1922 to Ukraine; 1937 arrested, died in prison.

SHELAVIN, Konst. Ivan. (1886–1934), born in Voronezh and attended a gymnasium; joined the Bolsheviks in 1906; in 1917 active in VO soviet and district organization; 1918 in city press department; member of PK, 1921 party organization dept.; 1923–5 deputy editor Petrogradskaia pravda, member of gubkom; 1925 initially supported Zinoviev, then changed allegiance. Natural death?

STASOVA, Elena Dmit. (1873–1966), daughter of a Petersburg lawyer, and a high school graduate, joined the SD party in 1898, and thereafter worked for it, often in a secretarial capacity; 1918–19 secretary of the Northern Region bureau; then mainly in Moscow.

SUDAKOV, Pavel Ilich (1877–1950), party member since 1897, a metal-worker at the Metal Works in 1917, a Petrograd Soviet delegate; 1918 to SNKh, and by 1920 its chairman; member of the gubkom.

TSYPEROVICH, Grig. Vlad. (1871–1932), active as an SD member in Odessa, arrested, exile, abroad, and joined the Mensheviks; came to Petersburg in 1907 as a university (p.435) student; arrested, abroad; after 1917 active in the Petrograd TU Council, joined the Bolsheviks in the autumn of 1919; thereafter union and soviet work; member of gubkom; 1930 rector of Industrial Academy.

UGLANOV, Nik. Aleks. (1886–1940), son of a peasant from Iaroslavl who came to Petersburg to trade; in and out of the city as a boy; joined the Bolsheviks in 1907, by 1912 active in retail workers' union; 1918 held union posts, and in Provisions Agencies; by 1920 member of gubkom; 1921 PK secretary, until moved to Moscow; subsequently member of Right Opposition; 1932 expelled over Riutin affair, reinstated, 1936 arrested, died in prison.

URITSKII, Moisei Solom. (1873–1918), graduate of Kiev law faculty, Menshevik from 1903, abroad with Trotsky, joined Bolsheviks in 1917; left-communist; 1918 Commissar for Internal Affairs, Cheka; assassinated August 1918.

VASILEV, Anton Efim. (1885-?), born into a peasant family in Novgorod guberniia and came to Putilov, aged 13; trained as a turner, joined the Bolsheviks in 1904; arrested 13 times, active as the organizer of the Narvskii organization; 1917 chairman of the Putilov factory committee; 1918–19 industrial administration; 1921 deputy head of EKOSO; 1925 to Moscow.

VASILEVSKII (Vokhinskii), Vlad. Nik. (1893–1957), doctor's son and graduate of Moscow University, Bolshevik party member since 1912; 1917–1918 military posts, and SNKh; then editor Petrogradskaia pravda; 1921 member of gubkom, party organization dept.; 1924 to Moscow.

VOLODARSKII Moisei Mark. (1891–1918), son of a tailor, expelled from gymnasium for political views; member of Bund, Menshevik; exiled and to USA; to Petrograd in 1917, joined Bolsheviks; 1918 Commissar for the Press, editor of Krasnaia gazeta; assassinated June 1918.

ZASLAVSKII, Piotr Savel. (1890–1967), working in Nikolaev for a coal-merchant from age 12, joined the Bolsheviks in 1905; 1917 active in Odessa, brought to Petrograd as PK secretary in March 1918; 1919 requested transfer.

ZELIKSON, Lazar Samoil. (1883-?), Bolshevik from 1904, Duma deputy in 1917 from Rozhdestvenskii district; 1918–20 posts in Education, Provisions Depts.; 1922 to economic administration.

ZINOVIEV (Radomyslskii), Grig. Evsei. (1883–1936), born into a small merchant's family in Kherson guberniia, and educated at home, before being put into an office at age 14; joined the SD party in 1901, and thereafter party work in Russia and abroad; 1905–8 in Petersburg; returns in 1917; 1917–26 chairman Petrograd Soviet; from 1919 occupied with Comintern; member of gubkom, of TsK, Politburo, etc.; 1926 replaced as Leningrad Soviet and party leader; 1927 expelled from party; reinstated; 1932 expelled in connection with Riutin affair; reinstated; 1935 sentenced; 1936 trial and execution.

ZORIN (Gomberg), S. S. (1890–1937), 1911–17 in USA working as paper-hanger, member of Workers' Socialist party; 1917 to Petrograd, joined Bolsheviks; 1918 chairman Revolutionary Tribunal, then Soviet work, 1919–1921 secretary PK; 1921 to (p.436) Moscow; 1926 supported Zinoviev, expelled from party, readmitted, 1935 expelled and arrested; died in prison.


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