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Catholic Reformation in IrelandThe Mission of Rinuccini 1645-1649$

Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin

Print publication date: 2002

Print ISBN-13: 9780198208914

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: January 2010

DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198208914.001.0001

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(p.286) Bibliography

(p.286) Bibliography

Catholic Reformation in Ireland
Oxford University Press

Manuscript Sources



Archivio Arcivescovile di Fermo

iii C/10, Letters of Rinuccini to Alessandro Celli (?).

iii C/11, Miscellaneous letters of Rinuccini.

iii C/13, ‘Instruttione pratica per la cura episcopale di Monsignor Gio. Battista Rinuccini, Arcivescove di Fermo’.

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Archivio di Stato di Firenze

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Deputazione sopra la nobilità, Filza 7, Details concerning the Rinuccini family.


Archivio Storico Comunale di Milano

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Archivio Segreto Vaticano

Acta Miscellanea 97, Details concerning the archbishopric of Fermo.

Acta Vicecancellarii, 17, Details concerning Rinuccini’s elevation to the see of Fermo.

Epistulae ad Principi, 53, Letters concerning the appointment of Scarampi in 1643.

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(p.287) Lettere di Vescovi e Principi, vols., 29, 31, Letters from Rinuccini and military governors of Fermo to Pancirolo, 1646–9.

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Secretarius Brevium Apostolicorum, 657, Details of Rinuccini’s privileges as a referendary in 1622.

Archivio della Sacra Congregazione di Propaganda Fide

Acta Sacrae Congregationis, 1644–5, Details concerning ecclesiastical faculties in the province of Tuam following Rinuccini’s appointment and the finance of the Rinuccini and Scarampi missions in Ireland.

——1646–7, Details concerning the appointment of bishops in Ireland during Rinuccini’s nunciature.

Lettere Latine, vol. 9, Letters from the Roman curia to the earl of Westmeath, the conde de Tirconnel, the four archbishops, the bishops of Elphin, Kildare, Killaloe, Ferns, Waterford, and others concerning church affairs in Ireland.

Lettere Volgari, vols. 7, 22, Letters to archbishop of Dublin and Scarampi concerning catholicism in Scotland.

Miscellaneae Varie, vol. 9, Massari’s account of the Rinuccini nunciature.

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Scritture riferite nei Congressi”, 1, Irlanda, Material relating to Irish dioceses, 1618–53.

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Archivio della congregazione per le cause dei Santi Decreta Liturgica, 1622–6.

Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

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——4729, Account of Scarampi in Ireland.

——4886, Account of the life of Scarampi.

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Nunziatura di Fiandra, vols. 32, 33, 45, Letters relating to Britain and Ireland 1645–9.

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(p.288) Ireland


Dublin City Pearse Street Library

MS 254, Memoirs of George Leyburn.

Franciscan Archive in Killiney

D II, D III, D IV, Correspondence of Luke Wadding relating to affairs in Ireland.

National Library of Ireland

MSS 7–12, Collectanea de rebus Hibernicis.

MS 345 (Plunkett-Dunne MS), ‘The war and rebellion in Ireland begun in 1641’.

MS 476, ‘A light to the blind’.

National Archives

Carte Transcripts, vols. 15–23.

Trinity College

MS 846, Aphorismical discovery of treasonable faction.

MS 1071, Cín Lae Ó Mealláin.

Great Britain


British Library

Egerton MS 917, Miscellaneous papers, 1623 –1728.

Egerton MS 2533, Miscellaneous papers, 1640s.

Egerton MSS 2541–2, Papers of secretary Nicholas, 1598–1659.

Harleian MS 4551, Diplomatic papers of Brienne.

Harleian MS 6807, Miscellaneous papers, chiefly 1649–1650.

Sloane MS 1008, Papers of Edmund Borlase.


Bodleian Library

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Clarendon MSS 22–5, 98, Papers of the earl of Clarendon.

Rawlinson MS A 110, Parliamentary orders 1642–1643.

(p.289) France


Archives du Ministère des Affaires Étrangères

Correspondence Politique (Angleterre), vols. 48, 49, 51, 52, 54, 55, 57, 60, Letters of Mazarin, Brienne, Rinuccini, Talbot, Digby, du Moulin, Talon, de la Monerie, and others relating to affairs in Ireland.

Correspondence Politique (Rome), vols. 90, 91, 92, Letters of Mazarin, Pamfili, and others.

Archives de la Guerre (Vincennes)

AI Côtes 79, 86, 100, 110, 116, 118, 119, 128, 133, 134, 137, 158, Letters of Digby, Muskery, du Moulin, and others concerning the recruitment of Irish soldiers for French service.

Bibliothèque Nationale

Fonds Français, 4168, 4169, 4170, Letters from the King and Queen Regent to the Supreme council and to de la Monerie 1644–5.

4173, du Moulin’s instructions of January 1646 and letters of Queen Regent to Ormond and others.

4175, Instructions to Talon and de la Monerie in February and March 1647 with miscellaneous letters to Ireland.

15996–8, Correspondence between Brienne, le Tellier, and a variety of French agents (consulted on microfilm in National Library of Ireland).



Archivio General (consulted on microfilm in National Library of Ireland) Segretaría de Estado, Negociaciones de Inglaterra 1628–48, 1644–50. Negoc. de Roma, 1613–99.


Lough Fea Collection (consulted on microfiche in National Library of Ireland)

No. 225, Exceeding good newes from Ireland (London, 1647).

No. 227, A true and brief relation of Lord Lisles departure from his command in Ireland (London, 1647).

No. 234, The declaration and the protestation of the Lord Inchiquin and all the officers under his command (London, 1648).

No. 278, A relation of the particulars of the reduction of the greatest part of the province of Munster in Ireland (London, 1648).

British Library Thomason Tracts (consulted on microfilm in University College Dublin)

(p.290) E 60 (19), Orders established in the popish general assembly held (under the specious pretence of supreme authority, and being his majesty’s good subjects) at the city of Kilkenny (London, 1642).

E 110 (9), A remonstrance of the beginnings and proceedings of the rebellion including the acts of the Kilkenny congregation 10–12 May 1642 (London, 1642).

E 113 (4), The popes brief or bull of dispensation (London, 1642).

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E 386 (16), The bloody diurnall from Ireland being the papers and propositions, orders, an oath and several bloody acts and the proceedings of the confederate catholics assembled at Kilkenny (London, 1647).

E 407 (5), A great and glorious victory obtained by the Lord Inchiquin, lord president of Munster over the Irish rebels, not far from the castle of Conmell (London, 1647).

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E 608 (15), A history or a brief chronicle of the chief matters of the Irish wars (London, 1649).

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