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Thus I Have SeenVisualizing Faith in Early Indian Buddhism$

Andy Rotman

Print publication date: 2008

Print ISBN-13: 9780195366150

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: January 2009

DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780195366150.001.0001

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(p.203) Appendix: Contents of the Divyāvadāna

(p.203) Appendix: Contents of the Divyāvadāna

Thus I Have Seen
Oxford University Press

  1. 1. Koṭikarṇa-avadāna: The Story of Koṭikarṇa

  2. 2. Pūrṇa-avadāna: The Story of Pūrṇa

  3. 3. Maitreya-avadāna: The Story of Maitreya

  4. 4. Brāhmaṇadārikā-avadāna: The Story of a Brahman’s Daughter

  5. 5. Stutibrāhmaṇa-avadāna: The Story of a Brahman’s Panegyric

  6. 6. Indrabrāhmaṇa-avadāna: The Story of a Brahman Named Indra

  7. 7. Nagarāvalambikā-avadāna: The Story of a Woman Dependent on a City for Alms

  8. 8. Supriya-avadāna: The Story of Supriya

  9. 9. Meṇḍhakagṛhapativibhūti-pariccheda: The Chapter on the Great Fortune of the Householder Meṇḍhaka

  10. 10. Meṇḍhaka-avadāna: The Story of Meṇḍhaka

  11. 11. Aśokavarṇa-avadāna: The Story of Aśokavarṇa

  12. 12. Prātihārya-sūtra: The Miracle Sūtra

  13. 13. Svāgata-avadāna: The Story of Svāgata

  14. 14. Sūkarika-avadāna: The Story of a Wretched Pig

  15. 15. Cakravartivyākṛta-avadāna: The Story of One Foretold to Be a Wheel-Turning King

  16. 16. Śukapotaka-avadāna: The Story of Two Parrot Chicks

  17. 17. Māndhātā-avadāna: The Story of Māndhātā

  18. 18. Dharmaruci-avadāna: The Story of Dharmaruci

  19. 19. Jyotiṣka-avadāna: The Story of Jyotiṣka

  20. 20. Kanakavarṇa-avadāna: The Story of Kanakavarṇa

  21. 21. Sahasodgata-avadāna: The Story of Sahasodgata

  22. 22. Candraprabhabodhisattvacaryā-avadāna: The Story of the Deeds of the Bodhisattva Candraprabha

  23. (p.204)
  24. 23. Saṇgharakṣita-avadāna: The Story of Saṇgharakṣita, Part 1

  25. 24. Nāgakumāra-avadāna: The Story of a Nāga Prince

  26. 25. Saṇgharakṣita-avadāna: The Story of Saṇgharakṣita, Part 2

  27. 26. Pāṃśupradāna-avadāna: The Story of a Gift of Dirt

  28. 27. Kunāla-avadāna: The Story of Kunāla

  29. 28. Vītaśoka-avadāna: The Story of Vītaśoka

  30. 29. Aśoka-avadāna: The Story of Aśoka

  31. 30. Sudhanakumāra-avadana: The Story of Prince Sudhana

  32. 31. Toyikāmaha-avadāna: The Story of the Toyikā Festival

  33. 32. Rūpāvatī-avadāna: The Story of Rūpāvatī

  34. 33. Śārdūlakarṇa-avadāna: The Story of Śārdūlakarṇa

  35. 34. Dānādhikaraṇa-mahāyānasūtra: The Mahāyāna Sūtra on the Topic of Giving

  36. 35. Cūḍāpakṣa-avadāna: The Story of a Good for Nothing

  37. 36. Mākandika-avadāna: The Story of Mākandika

  38. 37. Rudrāyaṇa-avadāna: The Story of Rudrāyaṇa

  39. 38. Maitrakanyaka-avadāna: The Story of Maitrakanyaka