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Electric FolkThe Changing Face of English Traditional Music$

Britta Sweers

Print publication date: 2005

Print ISBN-13: 9780195174786

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: January 2010

DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780195174786.001.0001

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(p.271) Appendix Personnel Listings and Selected Discography

(p.271) Appendix Personnel Listings and Selected Discography

Electric Folk
Oxford University Press

Any Internet search engine will easily reveal several extensive fan sites with much more comprehensive discographies than the following list, which aims to provide only a representative selection. A detailed compilation of LP/CD release data is extremely difficult because of the vast number of reissues (often edited), sold recording labels, and foreign-country releases. I have therefore decided to list only the first release dates for the original British labels.

Likewise, I have included only those artists who have been covered in the text. I have thus had to omit or include only one or two recordings by such distinguished artists as Bob Davenport, Robin and Barry Dransfield, Ray and Archie Fisher, Nic Jones, Louis Killen, Martin Simpson, and Peta Webb, as well as singer/songwriter Ralph McTell and guitarists like Stefan Grossman and Wizz Jones. Because I also wanted to draw attention to the English material, I have, with a few exceptions, omitted the major portion of Scottish and Irish recordings. The albums are listed chronologically within each subcategory.

For a complete discography of Shirley Collins, see Hunt (1980a);for Fairport Convention, see Humphries (1987); for Richard Thompson, see Humphries (1996), and for Sandy Denny, see Heylin (2000).

The Major Electric Folk Groups

In order to provide a better historical orientation, I have combined this selected discography of the major British electric folk groups—Pentangle, Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, and the Oysterband—with the personnel lineups. With the exception of Fairport Convention, which experienced many well-documented personnel changes in its early stages, I mainly list the years in which the lineups changed.

The instrumental lists have been kept as close as possible to the original liner notes, with a few alterations: “Guitars” signifies the use of both electric and acoustic guitars, while “guitar” signifies the acoustic instrument only. If only an electric guitar was used, it is signified by “electric guitar.” As keyboards have played only a marginal role in British electric folk, I have not included this term. The term “drums” usually includes the kit and any other percussion instrument the drummer might use, although in some cases specific percussion instruments, if unusual, have been listed.

(p.272) Pentangle

Lineup 1 (1967–end of 1972)


The Pentangle (Transatlantic, 1968)

Sweet Child (Transatlantic, 1968)

Basket of Light (Transatlantic, 1969)

Cruel Sister (Transatlantic, 1970)

Reflection (Transatlantic, 1971)

Solomon’s Seal (Reprise, 1972)

Pentangle on Air (BBC 1969–72) (Strange Fruit, 1997). The album contains also some tracks of Solomon’s Seal, of which the master tapes have been reported missing (Tony Dale, CD booklet).

Jacqui McShee—lead vocals

Bert Jansch—lead vocals, acoustic guitar, dulcimer, concertina, recorder

John Renbourn—vocals, guitars, sitar

Danny Thompson—double bass

Terry Cox—drums, percussion, glockenspiel, dulcitone

Lineup 2 (1982–1984)


Open the Door (Spindrift, 1984)

Jacqui McShee—lead vocals

Bert Jansch—lead vocals, guitar

Mike Piggott—guitar, fiddle

Danny Thompson—bass

Terry Cox—drums

Lineup 3 (1984–1986)


In the Round (Pläne, 1986)

Jacqui McShee—lead vocals

Bert Jansch—lead vocals, guitar

Mike Piggott—guitar, fiddle

Nigel Portman-Smith—bass, keyboards

Terry Cox—drums

Lineup 4 (1988–1991)


So Early in the Spring (Pläne, 1988)

(p.273) Jacqui McShee—lead vocals

Bert Jansch—lead vocals, guitar

Rod Clements—electric guitar, mandolin

Nigel Portman-Smith—bass, keyboards

Gerry Conway—drums

guest: Tony Roberts—flute, whistle

Lineup 5 (1991–1995)


Think of Tomorrow (Hypertension, 1991)

One More Road (Permanent, 1993)

Live 1994 (Hypertension, 1995)

Jacqui McShee—lead vocals

Bert Jansch—lead vocals, guitar

Peter Kirtley—guitar

Nigel Portman-Smith—bass, keyboard

Gerry Conway—drums, percussion

Jacqui McShee, Gerry Conway, Spencer Cozens


About Thyme (Hypertension, 1995)

Jacqui McShee—lead vocals

Spencer Cozens—keyboards

Gerry Conway (and guests)—drums

Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle (from 1998 on)


Passe Avant (Park Records, 1998)

At the Little Theatre (Park Records, 2000)

Jacqui McShee—lead vocals

Spencer Cozens—keyboards

Jerry Underwood—saxophone

Alan Thomson—bass, guitar

Gerry Conway—drums

Fairport Convention

See also Frame (1994:15) for a detailed lineup, which was presented in shortened form as “Fairport Confusion” as part of the liner notes/CD booklet for History of Fairport Convention).

(p.274) Lineup 1 (November 1967–May 1968)


Fairport Convention (Polydor, 1968)

Judy Dyble—lead vocals, autoharp, piano, recorder

Ian Matthews—lead vocals

Richard Thompson—vocals, guitars

Simon Nicol—vocals, guitars

Ashley Hutchings—vocals, bass

Martin Lamble—drums

Lineup 2 (May 1968–June 1969)


Heyday: BBC Radio Sessions (BBC 1968–69) (Rykodisc, 1987)

What We Did on Our Holidays (Island, 1969)

Unhalfbricking (Island, 1969)

Sandy Denny—lead vocals, guitar

Ian Matthews (left to form [Matthew’s]) Southern Comfort)—lead vocals

Richard Thompson—vocals, guitars

Simon Nicol—vocals, guitars

Ashley Hutchings—vocals, bass

Martin Lamble (died in an accident in June 1969)—drums

Lineup 3 (September 1969–November 1969)


Liege & Lief (Island, 1969)

Sandy Denny (left to form Fotheringay)—lead vocals, guitar

Dave Swarbrick—fiddle, mandolin, vocals

Richard Thompson—vocals, guitars

Simon Nicol—vocals, guitars

Ashley Hutchings (left to form Steeleye Span)—vocals, bass

Dave Mattacks—drums

Lineup 4 (December 1969–January 1971)


Full House (Island, 1970)

Live at the L. A. Troubadour (1970,Island 1976)

(p.275) Dave Swarbrick—lead vocals, fiddle, viola, mandolin

Richard Thompson (left to continue as a solo/session-musician)—lead vocals, lead guitar

Simon Nicol—vocals, guitars, mandolin, dulcimer

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass guitar, mandolin

Dave Mattacks—drums, harmonium, boran [sic]

Lineup 5 (January 1971–December 1971)


Angel Delight (Island, 1971)

Babbacombe Lee (Island, 1971)

Dave Swarbrick—lead vocals, fiddle, mandolin

Simon Nicol (joined Albion Country Band)—vocals, guitars, viola, dulcimer

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass, mandolin, viola

Dave Mattacks—drums, electric piano, bass, vocals

Lineup 6 (December 1971–February 1972)

Dave Swarbrick—lead vocals, fiddle, mandolin

Roger Hill—vocals, guitars

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass, mandolin

Dave Mattacks—drums

Lineup 7 (February 1972)

Dave Swarbrick—lead vocals, fiddle, mandolin

Trevor Lucas—guitars, vocals (from Fotheringay)

Jerry Donahue—guitars, vocals (from Fotheringay)

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass, mandolin

Tom Farnell—drums

Lineup 8 (March–June 1972)

Dave Swarbrick—lead vocals, fiddle, mandolin

Roger Hill—guitars, vocals

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass, mandolin

Tom Farnell—drums

Lineup 9 (June–July 1972)

Dave Swarbrick—lead vocals, fiddle, mandolin

David Rea—guitars

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass, mandolin

Tom Farnell—drums

(p.276) Lineup 10 (August 1972–February 1974)


Rosie (Island, 1973)

Nine (Island, 1973)

Dave Swarbrick—lead vocals, fiddle, viola, mandolin

Trevor Lucas—lead vocals, guitar

Jerry Donahue—guitars

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass, mandolin

Dave Mattacks—drums, percussion, keyboards, bass guitar

Lineup 11 (March 1974–January 1975)

Sandy Denny—lead vocals, guitar

Dave Swarbrick—lead vocals, fiddle, mandolin

Trevor Lucas—vocals, guitars

Jerry Donahue—guitars

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass, mandolin

Dave Mattacks—drums

Lineup 12 (January–February 1975)

Sandy Denny—lead vocals, guitar

Dave Swarbrick—lead vocals, fiddle, mandolin

Trevor Lucas—vocals, acoustic guitars

Jerry Donahue—guitars

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass, mandolin

Paul Warren—drums

Lineup 13 (February 1975–January 1976)


Rising for the Moon (Island, 1975)

Sandy Denny—lead vocals, guitar, electric and acoustic piano

Dave Swarbrick—lead vocals, fiddle, viola, mandolin, autoharp, guitar, dulcimer

Trevor Lucas—vocals, guitar, harmonica

Jerry Donahue—electric, acoustic, slide guitars

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass, mandolin

Bruce Rowland/Dave Mattacks—drums, percussion

Lineup 14 (February–August 1976)


Gottle O’ Geer (Island, 1976)

(p.277) Dave Swarbrick—lead vocals, fiddle

Bob Brady—piano

Dan Ar Bras—guitars (joined Alan Stivell’s band)

Roger Burridge—mandolin, fiddle (joined Alan Stivell’s band)

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass, mandolin

Bruce Rowland—drums

Lineup 15 (September 1976–August 1979)


Bonny Bunch of Roses (Vertigo, 1977)

Tipplers Tales (Vertigo, 1978)

Farewell, Farewell (Woodworm, 1979)

Dave Swarbrick—lead vocals, fiddle

Simon Nicol—vocals, guitars

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass, mandolin

Bruce Rowland—drums

Since 1980,annual meetings of the band and former members have occurred at the Cropredy Festival (lineups are not counted). The 1981 meeting took place at Brough-ton Castle and was recorded on Moat on the Ledge: Live at Broughton Castle (Woodworm, 1982).

Lineup 16


Gladys’ Leap (Woodworm, 1985)

Simon Nicol—lead vocals, guitar

Dave Pegg—bass guitar, acoustic basses, mandolin, bouzouki, vocals

Dave Mattacks—drums, keyboards

guests: Cathy Lesurf—vocals, Richard Thompson—guitar, Ric Sanders—violin

Lineup 17 (1985–1996)


Expletive Delighted (Woodworm, 1986)

In Real Time: Live ‘87 (Island, 1987)

Red & Gold (New Routes, 1989)

The Five Seasons (New Routes, 1991)

The Woodworm Years (Woodworm, 1992)

Jewel in the Crown (Woodworm, 1995)

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (Woodworm, 1996) [without Mattacks as Fairport Acoustic Convention]

(p.278) Simon Nicol—lead vocals, guitars

Maartin Allcock—guitars, bouzàr, tambourine, accordion, keyboards, vocals, percussion

Rick Sanders—violins

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass, guitar, mandolin

Dave Mattacks—drums, percussion, glockenspiel, crotales, organ, synthesizer

Lineup 18 (since 1997)


Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (Woodworm, 1997)

The Woodworm Years (Silver Mist, 1997)

The Cropredy Box (Woodworm, 1998)

Close to the Wind (Mooncrest, 1998)

The Wood and the Wire (Woodworm, 2000)

XXXV (Woodworm, 2001)

Simon Nicol—lead vocals, guitars

Rick Sanders—violin

Chris Leslie—fiddle, mandolin

Dave Pegg—vocals, bass, mandolin

Gerry Conway—drums

Steeleye Span

Lineup 1 (December 1969–March 1970)


Hark! The Village Wait (RCA, 1970)

Maddy Prior—lead vocals, five-string banjo, step dancing

Gay Woods—lead vocals, concertina, autoharp, bodhràn, step dancing

Tim Hart—vocals, guitars, mandolin, electric dulcimer, fiddle, five-string banjo, harmonium

Terry Woods—vocals, guitars, concertina, mandola, five-string banjo

Ashley Hutchings—vocals, bass

(Dave Mattacks/Gerry Conway guesting on drums)

Lineup 2 (April 1970–November 1971)


Please to See the King (B & C, 1971)

Ten Man Mop or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again (B & C, 1971)

Maddy Prior—lead vocals, spoons, tabor, tambourine, bells

Tim Hart—lead vocals, guitars, dulcimer, bells

(p.279) Peter Knight—vocals, fiddle, mandolin, organ, bass guitar, bells

Martin Carthy—lead vocals, guitars, banjo, organ, bells (left to play solo)

Ashley Hutchings—vocals, bass (left to form the Albion Country Band)

Lineup 3 (December 1971–May 1973)


Below the Salt (Chrysalis, 1972)

Parcel of Rogues (Chrysalis, 1973)

Maddy Prior—lead vocals, morrisette

Tim Hart—lead vocals, guitars, mandolin, dulcimer, tabor, spoon

Peter Knight—vocals, fiddles, viola, mandolin, tenor banjo, piano

Bob Johnson—vocals, guitars

Rick Kemp—bass

Lineup 4 (June 1973–January 1977)


Now We Are Six (Chrysalis, 1974) [with David Bowie, alto saxophone]

Commoners Crown (Chrysalis, 1975) [with Peter Sellers, ukulele]

All around My Hat (Chrysalis, 1975)

Rocket Cottage (Chrysalis, 1976)

Maddy Prior—lead vocals

Tim Hart—lead vocals, guitars, mandolin, electric dulcimer

Peter Knight—fiddle, mandolins, tenor banjo, recorders

Bob Johnson—vocals, guitars

Rick Kemp—bass and acoustic guitar, vocals

Nigel Pegrum—drums, tambourine, recorder, oboe

Lineup 5 (January 1977–March 1978)


Storm Force Ten (Chrysalis, 1977)

Live at Last! (Chrysalis, 1978). (The band disbanded after this album.)

Maddy Prior—lead vocals

Tim Hart—lead vocals, guitars, mandolin

Martin Carthy—vocals, guitars

John Kirkpatrick—melodeon

Rick Kemp—bass

Nigel Pegrum—drums

(p.280) Lineup 6 (1980) (= lineup 4)


Sails of Silver (Chrysalis, 1980)

Maddy Prior—lead vocals

Tim Hart—lead vocals, mandolin

Peter Knight—fiddle

Bob Johnson—vocals, guitars

Rick Kemp—bass

Nigel Pegrum—drums

Lineup 7 (1984–1986)


Back in Line (Flutterby, 1986)

Maddy Prior—lead vocals

Peter Knight—fiddle

Bob Johnson—vocals, guitars

Rick Kemp—bass (had to give up playing and left in 1986. ReplacedbyMark Williamson [1986] and Chris Staines [1986–87], yet these lineups [nos. 8 and 9] recorded no albums).

Nigel Pegrum—drums

Vince Gross—synthesizer

Lineup 10 (1989)


Tempted and Tried (Dover, 1989) [with Martin Ditchum, percussion]

Maddy Prior—lead vocals

Peter Knight—vocals, violin

Bob Johnson—vocals, electric guitar

Tim Harries—vocals, bass, keyboard

Nigel Pegrum—drums

Lineup 11 (September 1989–1995)


Tonight’s the Night…Live (Shanachie, 1992)

Maddy Prior—lead vocals

Peter Knight—vocals, violin

(p.281) Bob Johnson—vocals, electric guitar

Tim Harries—vocals, bass, keyboard

Liam Genockey—drums, percussion

Lineup 12 (1996–October 1997)


Time (Park Records, 1996)

Maddy Prior—lead vocals (left in 1997 to do solo work)

Gay Woods—lead vocals and bodhran

Bob Johnson—vocals, electric guitar

Peter Knight—vocals, violin

Tim Harries—bass, keyboards, vocals

Liam Genockey—drums, percussion

Lineup 13 (November 1997–September 2000)


Horkstow Grange (Park Records, 1998)

Bedlam Born (Park Records, 2000)

Gay Woods—lead vocals

Bob Johnson—vocals, electric guitar (left after Bedlam Born)

Peter Knight—vocals, violin

Tim Harries—bass, keyboards, vocals

Guest: Dave Mattacks—drums

Lineup 14 (September 2000–January 2001)

Gay Woods—lead vocals

Peter Knight—vocals, violin

Rick Kemp—bass

Tim Harries—bass, keyboards, vocals

Lineup 15 (2001)

Peter Knight—vocals, violin

Rick Kemp—bass

Tim Harries—bass, keyboards, vocals

Lineup 16 (since 2002)


Present—The Very Best of Steeleye Span (Park Records, 2002)

(p.282) Maddy Prior—vocals

Peter Knight—vocals, violin

Bob Johnson—electric guitar

Rick Kemp—bass

Liam Genockey—drums, percussion

The Oysterband

Lineup 1:Oyster Ceilidh Band (various lineups, 1976–1980)


Jack’s Alive (Dingle’s, 1980)

Cathy Lesurf—lead vocals

John Jones—lead vocals, melodeon, piano

Ian Telfer—fiddle, viola, concertina

Alan Prosser—guitar, fiddle, bones, bowed psaltery, vocals

Chris Taylor—bouzouki, mandola, guitar, jaw harp, melodeon, harmonica

Chris Wood—bass, percussion, vocals

Will Ward—bassoon, recorder, crumhorn, synthesizer

(Telfer, Prosser, Lesurf, and Wood played also in Fiddler’s Dram [To See the Play, Dingle’s, 1979; Fiddler’s Dram, Dingle’s 1980 ]).

Lineup 2:Oyster Band (1981–1984)


English Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Early Years, 1800-1850 (Pukka Records, 1982) [with Cathy Lesurf, vocals]

Lie Back and Think of England (Pukka Records, 1983)

Twenty Golden Tie-Slackeners (Pukka Records, 1984)

John Jones—lead vocals, melodeon

Ian Telfer—fiddle, viola, concertina, alto and G tenor saxophone, organ

Chris Taylor—bouzouki, mandola, guitar, jaw harp, melodeon

Alan Prosser—guitars, synthesizer, bones

Ian Keary—bass, twelve-string/acoustic/slide guitar, épinette, autoharp

Lineup 3 (1984–1985)


Liberty Hall (Pukka Records, 1985) [with Martin Brinsford, percussion; Ron Elliott, Northumbrian pipes;Rod Elliott, trumpet;Chris Taylor, harmonica, jaw harp]

John Jones—lead vocals, melodeon

Ian Telfer—fiddle, keyboards, saxophone

(p.283) Alan Prosser—vocals, guitars, synthesizer

Ian Keary—vocals, bass

Lineup 4 (1986–1988)


Step Outside (Cooking Vinyl, 1986) [with Clive Gregson, backing keyboards]

Wide Blue Yonder (Cooking Vinyl, 1987) [with Kathryn Tickell, Northumbrian bagpipes]

John Jones—lead vocals, melodeon

Ian Telfer—fiddle, tenor sax, concertina, keyboards

Alan Prosser—guitar, vocals

Ian Keary—bass, twelve-string guitar, banjo, vocals

Russell Lax—drums, percussion

Lineup 5 (1988–1992)


Ride (Cooking Vinyl, 1989)

Little Rock to Leipzig (Cooking Vinyl, 1990)

Freedom and Rain (Cooking Vinyl, 1990) [with June Tabor]

John Jones—lead vocals, melodeon, accordion

Ian Telfer—fiddle, alto saxophone, organ

Alan Prosser—guitar, vocals, mandolin, bowed psaltery

Chopper—bass guitar, vocals, electric and acoustic cello

Russell Lax—drums

Lineup 6:Oysterband(since 1992)


Deserters (Cooking Vinyl, 1992) [with Tomas Lynch, whistle, pipes;Rory McLeod, harmonica]

Holy Bandits (Cooking Vinyl, 1993) [with Sarah Allen, whistles;Jackie Sheridan, backing vocals]

The Shouting End of Life (Cooking Vinyl, 1995) [with Sarah Allen, whistle;Kathryn Tickell, Northumbrian bagpipes; Chris Batchelor/Expensive Mustapha, trumpets]

Alive & Shouting (Running Man, 1996) [with Alan Scott, twelve-string guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, octave mandola, percussion]

Deep Dark Ocean (Cooking Vinyl, 1997)

Alive and Acoustic (Running Man, 1998)

Here I Stand (Running Man, 1999)

Rise Above (Pläne, 2002)

(p.284) John Jones—lead vocals, melodeons

Ian Telfer—fiddle, English and tenor concertina, viola

Alan Prosser—guitars, banjo, vocals

Chopper—bass guitar, vocals, cello

Lee—drums, bodhrán, percussion, hammer

Electric Folk / Folk Rock and Recordings of Individual Band Members

Albion Band, Rise Up Like the Sun (Harvest/EMI, 1978)

——, Stella Maris (Making Waves, 1987)

Albion Country Band, Battle of the Field (Island, 1976)

The Albion Dance Band, The Prospect before Us (Harvest, 1976)

——, I Got New Shoes (Spindrift, 1987)

——, 1990 (Topic, 1990)

——, An Hour with Cecil Sharp (Dambuster, 1986)

——, Songs from the Shows,vol. 1 (Albino Music, 1990)

——, Songs from the Shows,vol.2 (Albino Music, 1993)

——, Acousticity (HTD, 1993)

——, Albion Heart (HTD, 1995)

——, Demi Paradise (HTD, 1996)

——, The Acoustic Years, 1993–97 (HTD, 1998)

——, Happy Accident (HTD, 1998)

——, Before Us Stands Yesterday (HTD, 1999)

Blowzabella, Bobbityshooty (Plant Life, 1984)

——, The Blowzabella Wall of Sound (Plant Life, 1986)

——, A Richer Dust (Plant Life, 1988)

Brass Monkey, Brass Monkey (Topic, 1983)

——, See How It Runs (Topic, 1986)

——, Sound and Rumour (Topic, 1998)

Shirley Collins, Sweet England (ARGO, 1959)

——, False True Lovers (Folkways, 1960)

——, Heroes in Love (EP, Topic, 1963)

——, English Songs,vol.1(Selection Jeb, 1964)

——, English Songs,vol.2 (Selection Jeb, 1964)

——, The Sweet Primeroses (Topic, 1967)

——, The Power of the True Love Knot (Polydor, 1968)

——, Adieu to Old England (Topic, 1974)

Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band, No Roses (B & C,1971)

Shirley, and Dolly Collins, Love, Death, and the Lady (EMI/Harvest, 1970)

——, Anthems in Eden (EMI/Harvest, 1969)

(p.285) ——, Amaranth (EMI/Harvest, 1976)

——, For As Many As Will (Topic, 1978)

——, Harking Back (Durtro, 1998)

Cordelia’s Dad, Comet (Normal, 1995)

——, Road Kill (Scenescof, 1997)

——, Spine (Appleseed, 1998)

Sandy Denny, The North Star Grassman and the Ravens (Island, 1971)

——, Sandy (Island, 1972)

——, Like an Old Fashioned Waltz (Island, 1973)

——, Rendezvous (Island, 1973)

——, The Original Sandy Denny (B & C, 1978,recorded in 1967)

——, Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (Hannibal, 1985)

——, “Gold Dust”—Live at the Royalty (Island, 1998,recorded in 1978)

Sandy Denny and the Strawbs, All Our Own Work (Sonet Dansk Grammofon A/S, 1973) [different compilation: Rykodisc, 1991]

Sandy Denny, Trevor Lucas and Friends, The Attic Tracks (1972–84) (Special Delivery, 1994)

Edward II, Zest (Ock, 1996)

——, The Way Up (Ock, 1998)

The Etchingham Steam Band, The Etchingham Steam Band (live recordings from 1974–75) (Fledg’ling, 1995)

Fotheringay, Fotheringay (Island, 1970)

Gryphon, Gryphon (Transatlantic, 1973)

——, Midnight Mushrumps (Transatlantic, 1974)

Tim Hart and Maddy Prior, Folk Songs of Olde England, vol. i (TeePee, 1968)

——, Folk Songs of Olde England,vol. 2 (TeePee, 1969)

——, Summer Solstice (B & C, 1971)

Home Service, The Mysteries (Fledg’ling, 1985)

——, Alright Jack (Making Waves, 1986)

——, Wild Life (Fledg’ling, 1995)

——, Early Transmissions (Road Goes On Forever, 1996)

Ashley Hutchings (Morris On Band), Morris On (Island, 1972)

——, Son of M orris On (Harvest/EMI, 1976)

——, Rattlebone & Ploughjack (Island, 1976)

——, Kickin Up the Sawdust (Harvest/EMI, 1977)

——, By Gloucester Docks I Sat Down and Wept (Paradise and Thomas, 1987) [live version from i988 released on RGOF]

——, The Guv’nor, vols. 1–4 (HTD, 1998)

Ashley Hutchings and John Kirkpatrick, The Compleat Dancing Master (Island, 1974)

The Ashley Hutchings Dance Band, A Better Pudding for John Keats (HTD, 1996)

The Incredible String Band, The Incredible String Band (Elektra, 1966)

(p.286) ——, 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion (Elektra, 1967)

——, The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter (Elektra, 1968)

——, Wee Tam and the Big Huge (Elektra, 1968)

——, Be Glad for the Song Has No Ending (Island UK, 1970)

——, No Ruinous Feud (Island UK, 1973)

The Levellers, A Weapon Called the Word (Musidisc, 1990)

——, Levelling the Land (China Records, 1991)

——, Special Brew (Hag, 1988-93)

——, The Levellers (China Records, 1993)

——, Zeitgeist (China Records, 1995)

Lindisfarne, Nicely out of Tune (Charisma, 1970)

——, Fog on the Tyne (Charisma, 1971)

The Man They Couldn’t Hang, Majestic Grill (Demon, 1998)

Mr. Fox, Mr. Fox (Transatlantic, 1970)

——, The Gypsy (Transatlantic, 1971)

The Pogues, Red Roses for Me (WEA, 1984)

——, Rum, Sodomy & the Lash (WEA, 1985)

——, If I Should Fall from Grace with God (WEA, 1987)

——, Peace and Love (WEA, 1989)

——, Hell’s Ditch (WEA, 1990)

——, Waiting for Herb (WEA, 1993)

——, Pogue Mahone (WEA, 1996)

The Pressgang, Burning Boats (Twah!, 1995)

——, Fire (Twah!, 1995)

Maddy Prior, Changing Winds (Chrysalis, 1978)

——, Year (Park Records, 1993)

——, Flesh & Blood (Park Records, 1997)

——, Ravenchild (Park Records, 1999)

——, Ballads & Candles (Park Records, 2000)

Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band, A Tapestry of Carols (Saydisc, 1987)

——, Sing Lustily & with Good Courage (Saydisc, 1990)

——, Hang Up Sorrow & Care (Park Records, 1995)

——, Carols at Christmas (Park Records, 1999)

Silly Sisters Maddy Prior and June Tabor, Silly Sisters (Chrysalis, 1976)

——, No More to the Dance (Topic, 1988)

Dave Swarbrick, Rags, Reels, and Airs (Polydor, 1967)

——, Swarbrick (Transatlantic, 1976)

——, Swarbrick 2 (Transatlantic, 1977)

——, Flittiri (Transatlantic, 1981)

——, Smiddyburn (Transatlantic, 1981)

——, Folk on 2 (Cooking Vinyl, 1996)

(p.287) Richard Thompson, Henry the Human Fly! (Island, 1972)

——, (guitar, vocal) (Island, 1976)

——, Strict Tempo (Elixir, 1981)

——, Hand of Kindness (Hannibal, 1983)

——, First Light (Hannibal, 1984)

——, Across a Crowded Room (Polygram, 1985)

——, Daring Adventures (Polygram, 1986)

——, Amnesia (Capitol, 1988)

——, Rumor and Sigh (Capitol, 1991)

——, Watching the Dark: The History of Richard Thompson (Rykodisc/Hannibal, 1993)

——, Mirror Blue (Capitol, 1994)

——, you? me? us? (Capitol, 1996)

——, Mock Tudor (Capitol, 2000)

Richard and Linda Thompson, I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight (Island, 1974)

——, Hokey Pokey (Island, 1975)

——, Pour Down Like Silver (Island, 1975)

——, First Light (Chrysalis, 1978)

——, Sunnyvista (Chrysalis, 1979)

——, Shoot Out the Lights (Hannibal, 1982)

Richard Thompson and Philip Pickett, The Bones of All Men (Hannibal, 1998)

Various, The Electric Muse (Transatlantic, 1975)

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