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The Kosovo ReportConflict, International Response, Lessons Learned$

Independent International Commission on Kosovo

Print publication date: 2000

Print ISBN-13: 9780199243099

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: November 2003

DOI: 10.1093/0199243093.001.0001

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(p.364) Annex 8 Literature on Kosovo and the Crisis

(p.364) Annex 8 Literature on Kosovo and the Crisis

The Kosovo Report
Oxford University Press

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Internet Sources

A plethora of websites present news and views on Kosovo. Three useful guides to these sources are: United States Institute for Peace Library: Kosovo Crisis Web Links www.usip.org/library/regions/kosovo.html Resolution and Ethnicity (INCORE) guide to Internet sources on conflict and ethnicity in Kosovo www.incore.ulst.ac.uk/cds/countries/kosovo.html Initiative on Conflict The Independent International Commission on Kosovo: www.kosovocommission.org