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Nietzsche's New Darwinism$

John Richardson

Print publication date: 2004

Print ISBN-13: 9780195171037

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: February 2006

DOI: 10.1093/0195171039.001.0001

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(p.275) Bibliography

(p.275) Bibliography

Nietzsche's New Darwinism
Oxford University Press

Primary Sources

For Nietzsche's German text I have relied on:

Colli, G., and Montinari, M. 1980. Sämtliche Werke: Kritische Studienausgabe in 15 Bänden. Berlin: de Gruyter.

Where I provide the German, it reproduces this edition.

Nietzsche's Published Works

Here is a table that gives Nietzsche's published works and any prefaces, separately numbered chapters, and so on that I refer to. I give these works' approximate years of composition—which permits coordination with Nietzsche's Nachlass notes (whose dates I supply when citing them). This table also gives my abbreviations for these prefaces, and notes if they were written and added later.

  • BT The Birth of Tragedy (1869–1871)

    • .ASC “Attempt at a Self-Criticism,” a preface written in 1886

  • UM Untimely Meditations (1873–1876)

    • .i “David Strauss: The Confessor and the Writer”

    • .ii “On the Uses and Disadvantages of History for Life”

    • .iii “Schopenhauer as Educator”

    • .iv “Richard Wagner in Bayreuth”

  • HH Human, All-Too-Human (1876–1879)

    • .i Volume I

    • .ii Volume II, part I: “Mixed Opinions and Maxims”

    • .iii Volume II, part II: “The Wanderer and His Shadow”

    • .i.P, .ii.P Prefaces to both volumes, written in 1886

  • D Daybreak (1880–1881)

    • .P Preface written in 1886

  • GS The Gay Science (1881–1882)

    • .JCR “‘Joke, Cunning, and Revenge': Prelude in German Rhymes”

    • .P Preface written in 1886

    • Book V (sections 343–83) written in 1886

  • Z Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1882–1885)

    • .i–.iv Four parts

    • .i.P “Zarathustra's Preface” to part I

      • Nietzsche doesn't number the sections in his parts—we must add them. Some of the sections have numbered subsections, which I cite as, e.g., Z.iii.12.20.

  • BGE Beyond Good and Evil (1885–1886)

    • .P Preface

  • GM On the Genealogy of Morals (1887)

    • .P Preface

    • .i–.iii Three essays

  • CW The Case of Wagner (1888)

    • .F Foreword

    • .E Epilogue

  • TI Twilight of the Idols (1888)

    • .F Foreword

    • .i–.xi Eleven chapters (not numbered by Nietzsche)

  • A The Antichrist (1888)

  • EH Ecce Homo (1888)

    • .F Foreword

    • .i–.iv Four parts (not numbered by Nietzsche)

    • .BT, .UM, etc. Subparts of .iii on Nietzsche's earlier works

  • NCW Nietzsche contra Wagner (1888)

    • .E Epilogue

(p.277) Nietzsche's Nachlass

As described in the note on citations, I cite Nietzsche's unpublished essays—all dated 1870–1873—simply by their titles (e.g., “The Greek State”). I cite his notes by their appearance in the Kritische Studienausgabe (volume number, then notebook number, then note number in brackets), unless the note was collected into The Will to Power, in which case I cite it by WP and the note number there. In both cases I append the note's year of composition, to allow it to be placed against the published works. There is also the following useful collection of some of Nietzsche's early notes:

Breazeale, D. (ed. and trans.) 1979. Philosophy and Truth: Selections from Nietzsche's Notebooks of the Early 1870s. Atlantic Highlands, N.J.: Humanities Press.

For notes included in this volume I append to the Kritische Studienausgabe citation a reference to P&T, followed by page number.

I refer to a few of Nietzsche's letters, identifying them by their addressee, and month and year. These appear in

Colli, G., and Montinari, M. 1986. Sämtliche Briefe: Kritische Studienausgabe in 8 Bänden. Berlin: de Gruyter.

Secondary Sources

I cite the following in the scientific format, except for the two books by Darwin and one by Spencer, which I abbreviate as Origin, Descent, and Data, respectively. Where I give two years separated by a slash (/), the second is the date of the edition cited; the first is the work's original appearance.

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