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Placebo Effects

Featured Book

Placebo Effects: Understanding the Mechanisms in Health and Disease

by Fabrizio Benedetti

One of the most widespread words in medicine is the placebo and placebo effect, although it is not always clear what it means exactly. Recent progress in biomedical research has allowed a better clarification of the placebo effect. This is an active psychobiological phenomenon which takes place in the patient's brain and that is capable of influencing both the course of a disease and the response to a therapy ... Read more


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October 30, 2014

Religious Organizations in the Public Health Paradigm

Ellen Idler writes on the role of religions in public health crises and her book Religion as a Social Determinant for Public Health, now available on OSO

October 23, 2014

90 new books on OSO!

90 new books have been published on Oxford Scholarship Online

October 3, 2014

Losing Our Minds

How does chemical pollution effect our mental health? Professor Barbara Demeneix discusses this and her book Losing Our Minds, now on OSO