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OSO Turns 10!

As of November 2013, Oxford Scholarship Online has turned ten years old. To mark this anniversary, we've been celebrating this year with lots of exciting projects, including an infographic, an online brochure with free chapters, and a year-long series on the OUPblog.

OSO10 Infographic

Click on the image to see the full infographic!


OSO10 Selected Reading Brochure 

OUP editors have picked ten titles across each of OSO's twenty subjects to celebrate the breadth and scope of the scholarly works available on Oxford Scholarship Online. Click on the image to view the whole brochure, and read free sample chapters, now available for a year


OSO10 Series on the OUPBlog

Undeniably, our reading and research habits have changed drastically since the advent of digital publishing. How has online academia changed since OSO's launch 10 years ago? What might the future hold for it? In this series, lasting from November 2013 till October 2014, we've asked a whole host of people from all different walks of life to offer their opinions - from librarians to authors, editors to students.


We'll also be taking OSO to all our major conferences throughout 2014 and beyond, where you'll be able to live demo the product. Keep checking back, as we'll be updating this page with new projects and news!