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Discover new scholarly works on OSO

Explore more than 70 new titles on Oxford Scholarship Online

New books on OSO

Over 100 new books are now up on Oxford Scholarship Online!

Over 100 new books online

Over 100 new books have been added to Oxford Scholarship Online in December's release

The Lake Ecosystems of the Antarctic

Johanna Laybourn-Parry, co-author of Antarctic Lakes, writes on the fascinating ecosystems of the polar desert Antarctica

Corporations and Criminal Responsibility

Corporations and Criminal Responsibility, explores this issue further

OSO book shortlisted for Wandsworth Prize

The Making of the Modern British Home shortlisted for the BAC Wadsworth Prize

Intersections of Documentary and Avant-Garde Filmmaking

How do the seemingly distinct fields of avant-garde and documentary film-making converge? Scott MacDonald, author of Avant-Doc, writes more.

OSO publishes 101 new books

101 books have now gone live in Oxford Scholarship Online's November update

Of Wing Dams, Tyrannous Bureaucrats, and the Rule of Law

What role does bureaucracy play in American law? Daniel Ernst writes about this, his book, Tocqueville's Nightmare, and what he learned on vacation in Michigan.

Religious Organizations in the Public Health Paradigm

Ellen Idler writes on the role of religions in public health crises and her book Religion as a Social Determinant for Public Health, now available on OSO

90 New Books on OSO!

90 new books have been published on Oxford Scholarship Online

Losing Our Minds

How does chemical pollution effect our mental health? Professor Barbara Demeneix discusses this and her book Losing Our Minds, now on OSO

Oxford Scholarship Online publishes new books

72 new books are now available on Oxford Scholarship Online!

The Point of View of the Universe

What's the point? Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek and Peter Singer on The Point of View of the Universe

New books on OSO!

149 books have been published on Oxford Scholarship Online, bringing new works to seventeen subject modules.

Sanders Book Prize awarded to OSO book

Causation: A User's Guide has won the American Philosophical Association's Sanders Book Prize!

Music Endangerment: How Language Maintenance Can Help

Indigenous forms of music are decreasing all over the world. Catherine Grant, author of Music Endangerment: How Language Maintenance Can Help explains why we should protect them, and how.

Why do Prison Gangs Exist?

David Skarbek on how prison gangs govern the American penal system and his book, The Social Order of the Underworld: How Prison Gangs Govern the American Penal System.

OSO book wins Shakespeare's Globe Book Award

Gillian Woods's Shakespeare's Unreformed Fictions named joint-winner of this year's Shakespeare Globe Book Award.

Towards a History of Economic Growth in Africa

Morten Jerven on his book, Economic Growth and Measurement Reconsidered in Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia - now available on OSO.

Donor Behaviour and the Future of Humanitarian Action

Global refugee numbers have risen dramatically - what is the future for humanitarian action in this dire scenario? Anne Hammerstad writes on this, and her book The Rise and Decline of a Global Security Actor.

John Calvin's Prophetic Calling and the Memory

Dr. Jon Balserak on John Calvin and his self-conception, and his book John Calvin as Sixteenth-Century Prophet

OSO title wins Royal Historical Society award

Sean A. Eddie's Freedom's Price has won the Royal Historical Society's Gladstone Prize.

LGBT Pride Month Psychology Reading List

We celebrated Pride Month this June with a collection of OSO free chapters, examining the LGBT experience from a psychological perspective.

Why the West Got Rich, Why China is Catching Up, and Why Russia is Not

Dr. Vladimir Popov on his book, Mixed Fortunes: An Economic  History of China, Russia, and the West - now on OSO.

101 New Books on OSO

101 new books have been published on Oxford Scholarship Online in fifteen of OSO's subjects.

Spinoza’s Science of the Mind

 To Spinoza, the "human mind is a mechanism, like the workings of a watch". Eugene Marshall writes about his book, The Spiritual Automaton: Spinoza's Science of the Mind.

Cyber Operations and the Use of Force in International Law

Marco Roscini on Cyber Operations and the Use of Force in International Law - new to OSO

Individual OSO Titles Now Available for Purchase

Oxford Scholarship Online launches new purchase model for libraries and institutions!

Women and Elective Office: Past, Present, and Future

From Nancy Pelosi to Hilary Clinton - Dr. Sue Thomas, co-editor of Women and Elective Office, on women in American politics.

New Books on OSO Now Ten Times a Year

Oxford Scholarship Online now publishing ten times a year, instead of three.

Rwanda's Contested Catholic History

The many-threaded roots of the Rwandan genocide, by Dr. Jay Carner - author of Rwanda Before the Genocide.

The Project of Positivism in International Law

Mónica Garcia-Salmones Rovira on positivism in international law

Two OSO Titles Win the Lakatos 2013 Award

Interpreting Quantum Theories and The Emergent Multiverse have won the 2013 Lakatos Award!

The German Roots of Nineteenth-Century American Theology

To what extent did nineteenth-century American theology spring from it's Germanic counterpart? Dr. Annette Aubert discusses...

Hundreds of New Titles Added to OSO

Over 300 scholarly works have now been added to Oxford Scholarship Online!

The Vicissitudes of the Goddess

Dr. Sree Padma on Andhra Pradesh, and the history of fertility goddess traditions in India.

70 Science Titles Added

70 titles across Mathematics, Biology, and Physics have been added into Oxford Scholarship Online, with new print-replica PDF functionality.

Tracing the Roots of Mainline Protestantism

Dr. Elesha Coffman on her monograph The Christian Century and the Rise of the Protestant Mainline.

OSO Title Wins Samuel Pepys Award

The Army in Cromwellian England, 1649-1660 has won the sixth annual Samuel Pepys Award!

2013 Nobel Prize Winner on OSO

Congratulations to Robert J. Shiller, OSO author and 2013 Nobel Prize winner!

Ideas about markets and marketplaces of ideas?

 OSO author of Inventing the Market, Lisa Herzog, approaches the understanding of markets through the history of ideas…

Discover the newest titles added to Oxford Scholarship Online!

From Shakespeare's unreformed fictions to the topology and future stability of the Universe – explore the latest content update to the site…

A Poet's View of Colonialism

Stephen C. Berkwitz, author of  Buddhist Poetry and Colonialism: Alagiyavanna and the Portuguese in Sri Lanka, focuses on how Buddhism has developed across time and space.

What is law for?

Hannah Skoda, co-editor of Legalism: Anthropology and History, discusses the multiple roles and forms of the law in consideration of its historical background.

Business, Money, and the Australian Election

If Money Talks, What Does It Say? Dr Iain McMenamin, OSO author, explores the leadership and business financing of politics in Australia

Catholicism and Imperialism in China and the Struggle for Indigenization

Ernest P. Young, OSO author, discusses the background of the Catholic church in China.

The Challenges of Studying Violence

Hannah Skoda, OSO author of Medieval Violence: Physical Brutality in Northern France, 1270-1330, looks at the main challenges facing the historian of violence.

Cosmopolitan Sex Workers

Dr Christine B. N. Chin (OSO author) writes about her title, Cosmopolitan Sex Workers, in our newest blog post.

Angels in Late Ancient Christianity

OSO author Ellen Muehlberger blogs on angels in late Christianity in our new blog post.

Religious pluralism and Islamic law

Read our new blog post from OSO author, Dr. Anver M. Emon, on religious pluralism and Islamic law. This fascinating piece discusses the dhimmi rules, and how they are still important in today's political climate. We hope you enjoy reading.

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Watch videos, follow links to blog posts, reviews, and key content using our new interactive brochure - a great new way to find out more about Oxford Scholarship Online.

OSO title wins the 2013 Criminology Book Prize

We are pleased to announce that the OSO title, The Multicultural Prison has been awarded the 2013 Criminology Book Prize by the British Society of Criminology. Why not take a look at the prize-winning title?

OSO author blogs on the evolution of language and society

Take a look at our new blog post from OSO author, Avi Lifschitz, on the evolution of language and society. We hope you enjoy reading.

OSO authors win Donald Smiley Prize

Oxford Scholarship Online authors William P. Cross and André Blais, have been awarded the 2013 Donald Smiley Prize by the Canadian Political Science Association. Find out more about this prize-winning title.

Political Affections

Read our new blog post from OSO author Joshua Hordern, on political affections - how we should understand them and how they work in political relationships.

Latest content update now available on Oxford Scholarship Online

The May content update is now live on Oxford Scholarship Online, adding over 300 key titles to 18 of OSO's subject modules. Start browsing today!

Read the new blog post from award-winning OSO author

Willem J.M. Levelt, prize-winning OSO author, has written a piece for the OUP Blog about the history of psycholinguistics in the pre-Chomskyan era. Why not take a look?

OSO title wins the American Philosophical Society’s Patrick Suppes Prize

Willem J. M. Levelt, author of A History of Psycholinguistics:  the Pre-Chomskyan Era , has won the American Philosophical Society’s Patrick Suppes Prize for the History of Science.

OSO author wins prestigious book prize

Tim Bale, author of The Conservatives since 1945: The Drivers of Party Change, has been awarded The Political Studies Association Specialist Group of Conservative Studies book prize.

OSO well received in Charleston Advisor review

OSO was recently reviewed by the Charleston Advisor, and was awarded four out of a possible five stars for its content and user interface. Read more about the review here.

Watch our new instructional video!

Only have 10 minutes? Why not take a tour of the main features and benefits of Oxford Scholarship Online with our product trainer, using our new how-to video.

New titles available on Oxford Scholarship Online

The latest content update is now available on Oxford Scholarship Online, adding over 350 new titles to the site. Start browsing to find out more about this brand-new content.

OSO title wins Longman - History Today Book Prize

We are pleased to announce that The White Man's World, written by Bill Schwarz, has won the Longman - History Today Book of the Year.

OSO author wins WJM Mackenzie Book Prize

David Fisher, author of Morality and War, has been awarded the WJM Mackenzie Book Prize. Take a look at this award-winning title!

October 24, 2012 - New content added to Oxford Scholarship Online

We are pleased to announce that 121 titles have been added to the OSO Archive from OUP’s India branch. Find out more here.

September 24, 2012 - OSO is now optimized for mobile devices!

We are pleased to announce that Oxford Scholarship Online is now fully mobile optimized, so you can now access all of the same high quality content available on the full site via your mobile device. With easy search and browse functionality, we hope that our mobile site will help to complement your desktop usage, enabling you to research on the go.

September 21, 2012 - New titles now available on Oxford Scholarship Online

The September content update is now live on Oxford Scholarship Online, which has added 334 new titles to the collection. These new titles have been added across 18 subject modules including; Business and Management, History, Literature, Philosophy, Public Health and Epidemiology, and Social Work. New titles have been added to the following sub-disciplines; Financial Economics, Asian History, Medical Law, Dance, Lexicography, and Social Theory.

July 19, 2012 - OSO title wins top award

We are pleased to announce that S. Craig Roberts' title, Applied Evolutionary Psychology, has won the 2012 Darwinism Applied Award, which was awarded by the Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society. Why not take a look at this prize-winning title to find out more? Click here for more details of other prize-winning titles in OSO.

May 28, 2012 - May content update now available!

Over 360 titles have been added to OSO following the May content update. A new subject module – Sociology – is also now available on OSO, providing access to key titles across the subject, including in the sub-disciplines: Law, Crime, and Deviance, Marriage and Family, Gender and Sexuality, and Urban and Rural Studies, to name but a few.

March 27, 2012 - Content added to the OSO Archive

525 titles have been added to the OSO Archive this March, in 3 subject areas - Law, Neuroscience, and Psychology. Titles have also be added to 7 of the exisiting OSO Archive modules - Economics and Finance, History, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religion, bringing the total number of titles in OSO to 7,469.  

January 19, 2012 - OSO January content update now available

301 titles have been added to OSO as part of the January 2012 content update, spanning the 19 subject areas, including; Classical Studies, History, Law, Palliative Care, and Religion. Subdisciplines include; Marketing, Economic Systems, Human Rights Law, World Literature, Moral Philosophy, and Church History.

November 17, 2011- Palliative Care module now available

The Palliative care module in Oxford Scholarship Online launches with the full text 66 scholarly monographs in the fields of Palliative Medicine and Older People, Paediatric Palliative Medicine , Pain Management and Palliative Pharmacology , Patient Care and End-of-Life Decision Making, and Palliative Medicine Research... read more

September 23, 2011 - Announcing an all-new user experience

Oxford Scholarship Online has been re-launched with new features, new content, and a brand new look and feel... read more

September 22, 2011 - OSO September update now available

203 titles have been added to Oxford Scholarship Online as part of the 2011 September content update. These titles span the 18 subject areas and include the most recent scholarly monograph publishing from Oxford University Press.

View the latest title lists for all subjects.

September 19, 2011 - OSO Archive launching with access to seminal works

The OSO Archive is now available as a new content purchase option, providing full-text access to over 1600 titles... read more

August 18, 2011 - OSO to re-launch on new UPSO platform

In September, Oxford Scholarship Online will join five other university presses on the University Press Scholarship Online(UPSO) platform. These additional titles will be searchable with OSO content and will be complement currently available subject areas as well as several new subject areas including archaeology, film, television, and radio and society and culture. Content will also be available in the following new sub-disciplines: African American History, Asian Studies, Film Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and Television Studies.

May 19, 2011 - May content update to OSO

224 new titles were added to the site as part of the May 2011 content update. The total number of titles online is now 4,689. 

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