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A spotlight on... Science

November 5, 2018

                     Celebrating 15 years of Oxford Scholarship Online

This year we are celebrating Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) turning fifteen. As a part of this celebration we are shining a spotlight on the different subject areas available on OSO.

There are a number of modules related to science available on OSO. The scope and content of the Biology list can be described in general terms as "Ecology and Evolution", with a particular reputation for quality in the fields of evolutionary biology and epidemiology. The Mathematics list has a long tradition of exceptional scholarship across the breadth of mathematics, from pure mathematics to the many applications of mathematics and statistics. The Neuroscience module reflects the strength of Oxford University Press's publishing programme, which is regarded as one of the best and most comprehensive in neuroscience, whilst the Physics module showcases upper-level physics books across a broad range of topics.

Delve in to all of these subject areas with our selected reading list:

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