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A spotlight on... History

October 8, 2018

                     Celebrating 15 years of Oxford Scholarship Online

This year we are celebrating Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) turning fifteen. As a part of this celebration we are shining a spotlight on the different subject areas available on OSO.

The history module boasts a superb selection of prominent and award-winning authors, writing about a range of historical periods and themes, reflecting the unparalleled breadth and depth of the Oxford University Press list. It encompasses work at the cusp of late antiquity and the early Middle Ages right through to the latter decades of the twentieth century, and ranging from the most focused regional histories to the broadest transnational studies.

Delve in to this subject area with our selected reading list:

  • 'Introduction' from The Economic History of India, 1857-1947 by Tirthankar Roy
  • 'Geography and politics' from Framing the Early Middle Ages by Chris Wickham
  • 'Introduction' from The Invention of Improvement by Paul Slack
  • 'Introduction' from The Prospect of Global History by James Belich et. al.

More From OUP...
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                                The Economic History of India, 1857-1947                   Framing the Early Middle Ages: Europe and the Mediterranean, 400—800                   The Invention of Improvement: Information and Material Progress in Seventeenth-Century England                   The Prospect of Global History            

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