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What's new in August 2016

August 18, 2016

More than 190 books have been added to Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) this month, whilst we are also pleased to announce that from August 2016 new books will be published to OSO every month, meaning OSO will now update 12 times a year.

The books added in August span a vast range of subjects, including marine mammal conservation, the sources and trajectories of the eighteenth-century Evangelical Revival, a history of the BBC Advisory Committee on Spoken English, and a re-examination of Ammianus Marcellinus’ agenda and methods.

Download the latest title list >

You can find new books in the following subject areas:

      Marine Mammal Conservation and the Law of the Sea       Heart Religion: Evangelical Piety in England & Ireland, 1690–1850       Dictating to the Mob: The History of the BBC Advisory Committee on Spoken English       The Invisible Hand?: How Market Economies have Emerged and Declined Since AD 500       Ammianus' Julian: Narrative and Genre in the Res Gestae      The Oxford Guide to the Romance Languages

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