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The migration crisis: what can trade unions do?

February 1, 2016

Excerpt from an OUPblog article, published on 18th January, by Ronaldo Munck, Head of Civic Engagement at Dublin City University, and Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Honorary Professor of Latin American Studies at the University of Liverpool. Along with Branka Likic-Brboric and Anders Neergaard, they are the editors of Migration, Precarity, and Global Governance: Challenges and Opportunities for Labour, which is now available on Oxford Scholarship Online.

Migration, Precarity, and Global Governance: Challenges and Opportunities for Labour

 "2015 will probably go down as the ‘year of migration’, certainly in Europe. All the contradictions of globalisation – free movement of capital but not free movement of people – were coming to a head. All the ‘blowback’ from Western interventions in the Maghreb and in the Levant were coming home. Europe was overwhelmed and, after a brave stance by Germany and Sweden at the outset of the current ‘migration crisis’, things were back to razor wire barriers and better ‘security.’ Not to be left out Republican presidential candidate in the US, Donald Trump, called for a bigger and better wall between the US and Mexico, to be paid for by the latter. Rational discussion was left behind as panic, xenophobia, racism, and irrationalism came to the fore. This is the main issue of the day, probably across the world."

Discover more: Read more in Ronaldo and Carl-Ulrik's article 'The migration crisis: what can trade unions do?'. The first chapter of Migration, Precarity, and Global Governance is now freely available until the end of February. Get access to the full text of this book, as well as over 300 Business & Management titles from Oxford University Press, by recommending OSO to your librarian today.