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Lessons for Volkswagen on organizational resilience

December 7, 2015

Excerpt from an OUPblog article, published on 4th December, by D. Christopher Kayes, Professor and Chair of the Department of Management at the George Washington University School of Business. He is author of Energy, the Subtle Concept: The Discovery of Feynman's Blocks from Leibniz to Einstein, which is now available on Oxford Scholarship Online.

Organizational Resilience: How Learning Sustains Organizations in Crisis, Disaster, and Breakdown

 "Volkswagen shocked the world. The world’s largest automaker admitted to creating software that would deliberately generate false exhaust emission information on many of its popular cars. Making matters worse, Volkswagen’s top leadership seemed unsure about how to respond to the crisis as it threatened the company’s reputation, operations, and long-term strategy.

The challenges faced by Volkswagen are repeated in organizations around the world. We have all seen the headlines: disruptive technology makes Kodak a relic, cyber hacking at Sony, miscalculated risk at AIG, and bad decision making at Lehman Brothers. What can organizations do to build resilience when faced with a devastating crisis?"

Discover more: Read about the challenges Volkswagen face in D. Christopher Kayes's article 'Lessons for Volkswagen on organizational resilience'. The first chapter of his book, 'Learning from Experience' is now freely available until the end of January. Get access to the full text of this book, as well as over 500 psychology titles from Oxford University Press, by recommending OSO to your librarian today.