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New works of scholarship now on OSO

November 18, 2015

102 new books have now been added to Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO), in 16 modules including Philosophy, Economics and Finance, and Classical Studies. These books cover a fascinating range of subjects: from Nepal's Hindu monarchy to a history of holograms, and from economic challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa to the figure of the alchemist in Western literature.

Holograms: A Cultural History

Demoting Vishnu: Ritual, Politics, and the Unraveling of Nepal's Hindu Monarchy

Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa: Current and Emerging Issues

Arabic-Islamic Views of the Latin West: Tracing the Emergence of Medieval Europe

The Alchemist in Literature: From Dante to the Present

Europe’s Border Crisis: Biopolitical Security and Beyond






This brings the total amount of scholarly works available on OSO to over 12,000. Start browsing OSO now, and find out how your institution can sign up to a free trial of University Press Scholarship Online.