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Let’s fly away: IAG and Aer Lingus

July 24, 2015

Excerpt from an OUPblog article, published on July 19th, by Raj Chari, Associate Professor of Political Science at Trinity College Dublin. He is the author of Life After Privatization, which is now available on Oxford Scholarship Online.

Life After Privatization

"News has erupted of another potential merger and acquisition (M&A) in the Airline sector – the acquisition of Irish airline Aer Lingus by the International Airlines Group, IAG.

IAG, the product of the merger in the early 2010s between ex-state-owned enterprises British Airways and Spain’s Iberia, has become one of the world’s global giants, ranked in the latest Forbes 2000 index of 2015 as the third largest airline in the world. IAG’s formation took place in the wake of other ex-state-owned European airlines merging in the 2000s in the context of EU liberalization initiatives that changed the rules of the game, facilitating M&A. This was seen in the deals between Air France and KLM (which later took over an important stake in Alitalia, only to later sell this later) and Lufthansa’ and Swiss."

Discover more: Read about IAG's takeover of Aer Lingus and its implications in Raj's article 'Let’s fly away: IAG and Aer Lingus'. The introductory chapter 'Remembering Privatization and Conceptualizing Life Thereafter: Alphas and Betas' in Life After Privatization is now freely available to read until the end of August. Get access to the full text of this book, as well as over 1,000 Oxford Political Science titles, by recommending OSO to your librarian today.