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Has ISIS become the new pretext for curtailing our civil liberties?

June 5, 2015

Excerpt from an OUPblog article published on June 1st, by Robert Diab, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law at the Thompson Rivers University. He is the author of The Harbinger Theory: How the Post-9/11 Emergency Became Permanent and the Case for Reform, which is now available on Oxford Scholarship Online.

The Harbinger Theory

"A series of measures put in place in the years following 9/11 have now become a fixture of Western government: mass warrantless surveillance, longer periods of detention without charge, and greater state secrecy without accountability. The United States finds itself at the vanguard of this movement with its embrace of executive authority to carry out targeted killing of its own citizens. Many of these measures arose in part as an over-reaction to the threat of al Qaeda. But they were also due in part to a plausible concern that terrorism had come to pose a threat of a much greater magnitude than was previously thought possible. For many, terrorism had become closer in nature to war than to crime, justifying a host of invasive measures."

Discover more: Read about the relationship between the West's civil liberties and the rise of ISIS, in Robert's article 'Has ISIS become the new pretext for curtailing our civil liberties?'. The introduction to The Harbinger Theory is now free and available to read until the end of July. Get access to the full text of this book, as well as over 1,000 Oxford Law titles, by recommending OSO to your librarian today.