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OSO title wins Royal Historical Society award

July 4, 2014

Freedom's Price

Congratulations to Sean A. Eddie, who has won the Royal Historical Society's Gladstone Prize for his work Freedom's Price: Serfdom, Subjection, and Reform in Prussia, 1648-1848. The prize is awarded every year to an outstanding history debut, published in Britain and on a subject which is not primarily about British history. Commenting on Eddie's book, the prize committee said: “Compellingly argued and skilfully written, Eddie fundamentally challenges existing orthodoxies to produce a provocative, wide-ranging and important work.”

The society also announced that Mark Roodhouse's Black Market Britain: 1939-1955 has been placed among the proxime accesserant for their Whitfield Prize, describing the work as drawing on a "range of hitherto under-exploited sources to build up a vivid and convincing picture of the way in which citizens came to terms with war-time rationing and price controls". 

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