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New Books on OSO Now Ten Times a Year!

April 16, 2014

Rwanda Before the Genocide

Oxford Scholarship Online is now publishing more frequently than ever before! New content will be added every month except February and July, when we’ll be busy working behind the scenes on technical improvements to the site.

Oxford University Press is pleased to announce that from April 2014 Oxford Scholarship Online will be publishing titles more regularly – ten times a year, more than tripling the current upload frequency of three times annually!  This exciting improvement means that Oxford’s scholarly publishing will be available online for users quicker than ever before.
Nearly every month, you will find new content added to the site. Our schedule will include two platform maintenance and technical upgrade months each year (planned for February and July each year) to ensure we are providing the best service possible, and that we keep up with the latest developments.
We believe this publishing cycle will allow the majority our titles to be available on the Oxford Scholarship Online platform within eight weeks of print publication date or sooner.  

“Given the prominence and importance of OUP monographs to the academic enterprise, releasing OSO titles much more frequently will not only improve support for scholarship across the disciplinary spectrum but also accelerate the acceptance of e-books by eliminating the delay in their availability in relation to print counterparts.” – Luke Swindler, Collection Management Officer, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

This April kicks off this new publishing schedule for Oxford Scholarship Online, adding more than 200 titles on a fascinating range of subjects: from Ancient Hellenistic culture, to the cities of Victorian literature, to the role of religion in World of Warcraft.

The Morality of Defensive War

On Hinduism

Herodotus and Hellenistic Culture

Virtually Sacred

Reading Constellations

Blaming Europe?






 This new upload brings the total amount of books on Oxford Scholarship Online to almost 10,000, with more new books set to be published this May! Start browsing OSO now, and learn how your institution can sign up for a free trial.